Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well, let's see....

~Nick is out of town for like two days. I'm kind of bothered, but not really, and I thought it was ironic that this was my time hop yesterday:

September 15, 2011- The (surprise) end to the longest five months of my entire life. Not our longest deployment (close) but definitely the absolute one hundred percent hardest thing I've ever done in my life. And we made it. So two days? Pish.

~Yesterday was also the fourth anniversary of this little miracle. This is still the most terrifying thing that's ever happened in my life.

And yes, I know that my life is pretty awesome if this is the scariest. Regardless, it was terrifying. Donate to the March of Dimes today.  Don't believe that bullshit info graphic you see that tells you how awful and sneaky charities are, my sister said March of Dimes directly provided the incubator that Joshua lived in for the first ten weeks of his life. Whatever they do with some of their donations, some of them are going to save the lives of real live babies, babies you may know, babies you may need to help one day. No one knows why my sister went into labor so early (with BOTH of her children) and March of Dimes funds research into stopping this horror from happening to anyone else.  Joshua is a completely healthy four year old boy today, I sometimes can't even believe it.  Blows the mind.

~Daisy's Best Buddy has started a new school.

I hate it, it terrifies me that it's a normal class and he has mentioned a few times that he eats lunch alone and plays by himself at recess, but he says this with a smile on his face. He hasn't seemed to notice yet that this isn't quite right, that he's supposed to 'fit in' and 'be social' and 'cool.' I sort of hope he never does?

It's hard to describe what I'm trying to say. He doesn't seem bothered by the fact that he's an outcast? Can you be an outcast, if you're not really trying to be an...incast? He's content. He's not sad at all.  And I understand wanting to be alone, obviously. But at school?  I'll never forget one semester me and Angela didn't have the same lunch period. I literally hung out in the library, like one of the losers you see on tv? Did you know people really did that? I didn't. Until I did it.

Anyway. I keep saying I'm going to pull him out and homeschool him and Nick says to calm down and give him more than a week to settle in. But ya'll know my fear about school shootings. I never should have read that stupid 19 Minutes.

Also somewhat related to the above picture but on a lighter note, we got a new couch and ten minutes later I decided I hate it. It's way too big, and it's DARK. It looks NOTHING like the hundred and fifty seven sofas I've pinned in my 'future houses, living room' board. No idea what the fuck I was thinking.

~What else...We went to the Transport Museum when Grandpa Kenny was here.

I am a museum hater (I know, I know!!! But art is so boring and I don't get it, and my kids are so loud and there's so many of them...) but this one is AWESOME.  One of the coolest places I've ever been, easily. TONS of great info, very hands on (sort of) and just all around badass.  London is just the best.

It was only a few pounds, and once you get a ticket, it's good for a year!! We will DEFINITELY be going back because I got distracted and didn't get to read enough about when they electrified it. My nerd was seriously showing, it was SO COOL ya'll.  Hundred and fifty years!!!!

~Nick finally got to pin on his promotion that I swear he got like five years ago.

There are MANY odd things about the Navy, but that's right up there at the top, the fact that he was promoted or selected or whatever so long ago but it just now counts? Since I only stayed in for four years and the 'promotion' at the beginning is made up, I have no experience. But it's weird!! Nevertheless, we are of course very proud.

~I've been spending my newfound school day freedom reading all the books ever written, coding my blog, and sewing. I can't get enough sewing lately!! I am finishing up what might be my best quilt yet for one of my very best real life friends, and when my shoulders hurt too much to wrangle it through the machine (is that a thing? Because that bulk EXHAUSTS me), I'm working on another purse.

I'm trying out this pattern, and I'm using this tutorial to try and 'quilt' up some scraps from another one of my favorite quilts I did a while back. I am LOVING it, 'quilt as you go' is SO FUN. It's like INSTA results. Love that.

Now, back to coding my blog real quick? If you had EVER told me that I would enjoy this, I would have laughed in your FACE. I know NOTHING about computers. At all. PSE continues to crash my laptop and my honest to God solution is to try and talk Nick into buy a new laptop.  Seriously.  But last year, I bought ABM's blog design ecourse and it changed my world. Mostly because she made it so you could cut and paste an html code that she'd already written.  Lol. But whatever works!!! Now instead of a huge long scrolling mess, I'm organizing my travel archives (and books and recipes and eventually ALL the things) into rows of three small square pictures.

Click the little pics, takes you to the post. Easy breezy, and it looks a THOUSAND times better. If you want to take the course (I highly recommend it) I can't find the one I did, but I'm positive this 2.0 version will be even better. I know blogs are dead and I don't actually make even a single penny on mine, but whatever, it's super fun to dig into and I like the way it looks. What else do you need?

Hmm. Now I want to change the entire color scheme of my entire blog. Good thing I have that course saved right on the desktop huh?

Anyway. That's what's up with me lately.  What's up with ya'll?

And in the exciting near future, stay tuned for All the Book Reviews (you know you want to!!!) and a recap of our hop on over to the City of Light. I'm going bold and declaring that I might (maybe...) blog three entire times this week!!! Watch out world!!! She's a woman on a mission!!!


  1. Yippeee, book reviews!! Always love 'em. Love keeping up with what your gorgeous fam is up to, as well.

    1. Lol, when I scrolled thru my 'books i read this year' on IG, I can't believe I haven't been blogging about them!!! Because SURELY everyone needs to know what I thought about them and all the spoilers. Obvi ;)

  2. oooh! looking forward to the book reviews!