Monday, October 27, 2014

Nine Years of Ava Nichole

Oh Ava.

I can't make coherent sentences.

How can I have a nine year old?

Wasn't she the most GORGEOUS baby? You can tell, despite the fact that basically every single picture I have is blurry.  Hey Past Jenn, ever heard of FOCUS?

The first fifteen months were a blur. 2007 was more fun.

World's Best Big Sister. At sixteen months.  Did I ruin her life by having them so close?!?! Jury is still out.

However, at the time? I would have said yes. Definitely yes. Two babies is stupid.

I included this awful shot because she is a Daisy Clone. It's INSANE.

See? Gorgeous. I know looks aren't important blah blah blah, but MAN, is she good looking or what?!?!

2008 gets even better.  I'm not much for babies, but once they get a personality? WINNING.

Another Daisy clone, right down to the sunglasses.  Luckily, Ava didn't pull out all her hair.

First trip to Disney, June 2008. I made up the month, but I know it was summer and it was a reward for getting thru my Navy obligation, which should have been in June.  Math yall. I got this.

First (only) time getting to be a flower girl!!! November 2008.  October?

Another Christmas at Dollywood, my absolute fave place for Christmas.  I miss the Smokey's, not gonna lie.

Mom, seriously? ANOTHER one?  February 2009.

She's starting to look like Actual Ava. Also? Real Live Baby Nate. We still have him.  She still loves him.

Blurry.  Gorgeous.  First move, from VA to CT, September 2009.

Second move, CT to Guam, March 2010.

Christmas Day 2010, on the beach. Take that suckers. This is basically what she looks like today. Sob.

Mom, stop it. Five year old girls shouldn't have three younger siblings.

Third move, one part of Guam to the other. Does that count? January 2011. Coincides with her final sibling addition. Fun weekend that was.

July 2011. Five month deployment, to this day the hardest five months of my entire life.

Starts Kindergarten, September 2011.  She's a late birthday, so she's the oldest (and still the smallest) in her class. Possibly the last time she let me brush her hair.

Fourth move, Guam to Hawaii, December 2011.

Big Island, May 2012.

First day of First Grade, September 2012.

The last warm Christmas.  Sad face.

Fifth move, Hawaii to London, January 2013.

Ireland, April 2013.

Paris, summer 2013.

Iceland.  Eighth birthday, October 27, 2013.

Christmas 2013, Prague.

Switzerland, summer 2014.

Yesterday, October 26, 2014. She's book smart, wickedly clever, funny, she loves to read and watch movies, play and have fun. If I had been able to chose traits for my first born, I would have chosen all the ones that she has. It's odd to me, how lucky we got with her.  If you read this in the future Ava, we love you more than you'll ever know. You are absolutely perfect in every single way.

Happy Ninth Birthday.


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  1. I can't believe how close in age they all are!! And that you did five months alone with 4 YOUNG children!!! That blows my mind. Happy birthday to Ava! She is so well traveled.