Wednesday, March 18, 2015

2015 in Scrapbook Pages (Vol 1)

I just love making my yearly 'scrapbook' type thingies.  They always end up being just a little bit lamer than I expect them to be. The kids never even bother to look thru them. I barely look thru them after the first time.  But I dunno, there's just SOMETHING about it. I love making them. I love seeing them that first time, even if they're lame.

I had my December Daily book printed at adoramapix for the sole reason that they were the only ones I could find that did a 6x8 book. Ya'll. That book is GORGEOUS.  Absolutely stunning. The quality is just TO DIE FOR. I just can't believe it. I used to use Blurb bc their interface (is that a thing?) is the easiest, but their books are... meh. I tried Artifact Uprising because it's all the rage right now, but I was underwhelmed by the quality.  Extremely underwhelmed.  I typically stick with shutterfly bc the interface (??) is manageable and the books are inexpensive and a decent quality. But now I'm gonna do  my damnedest to go with adoramapix. The interface (seriously, is that the word I'm looking for?) is a little difficult for me (probably because I'm a moron) and the biggest you can go is 76 pages, but I'm gonna try to power thru because I'm serious- TO DIE FOR.

This year, I'm using paper from a completely different shop (gasp- I KNOW!!! CHANGE!!!) because I just don't need any embellishments. I went with this kit from Lilypad and I just got rid of all the embellishments. It ended up not even being cheaper because I just added the rest of the kit and tons of embellishments that I DO NOT NEED OR WANT because I wanted more paper. Sigh. It's hard being me. Why didn't I try harder to find JUST a paper pack?!?! There's PLENTY out there!!


London usually has pretty mild winters (well, not compared to say... Hawaii ;) ) but it does occasionally snow for five or ten minutes every few years. Gag me. I don't really know WHY the winters are so mild- we're so far north! Right? Are we? I don't know. But it doesn't usually get below zero, which is what, 32F? Anyway, I obviously love this fact. And since I'm from Mississippi and hate 110F degree weather with nine hundred percent humidity, it's easy to deal with the trade off of very mild summers. Although it's hard to remember that on the rare days when it does snow, and when the sun sets at quarter to four.

I'm gonna tread very lightly over the fact that my baby Junebug turned four because basically, I don't want to talk about it. But remember when she was born? Sob.

I've convinced my kids that we're not allowed to have birthday parties while we're in England (kids are so dumb) so we just had cupcakes and dinner and a few presents with our 'plus' family, Megan and all her kids.

I'm also going to gloss lightly over the fact that Samantha moved away. It was AWFUL and I'm still reeling, but sigh.  Se la vie, right? We'll meet again.

For the first school break of 2015, we kept it extremely low key and headed to a Center Parcs.

It.  Was.  Awesome.

We picked the one in Sherwood Forest and it was just perfect. I love sightseeing, I really do, and I can't believe all the opportunities we've gotten to take advantage of. But last winter half term, we went to Rome, which OF COURSE was epic. But it was also exhausting. EXHAUSTING.

This week we spent in Sherwood Forest was EXACTLY the opposite.  We didn't see anything cool (sorry to anyone who lives out there...) but it was still perfect. We woke up, had a lazy breakfast, walked to some of the playgrounds, had a lazy lunch (all the restaurants have playgrounds in them!!) then spent the entire afternoon in the indoor heated water park. Then a lazy dinner, movies, sleep. Wake up and repeat.

It was awesome.

Then we came home and my other baby turned six.  Ugh. Remember when he was teeny tiny?

I sort of fell of the taking pictures game for his.  Sorry Dub. But you get the idea. Daddy made a cake, we had the Alfonsos over for dinner, you got some Lego. Wrapped in Christmas paper because I also fell of the buying wrapping paper game.

So that's our year so far. Bland and boring. Just the way I like it ;)

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