Friday, March 27, 2015

About Us

It all started on a dark and stormy night.

babies getting married!!

No.  Just kidding.  I barely even remember how it all started.  What I do remember is that we met at Auburn when we were both (sort of) doing ROTC.  We made out, we fell in love, we got married less than a year later because we cray.

babies having babies!!!
Nick graduated, rejoined the Navy, moved to Charleston.  I graduated, joined the Navy, moved to Virginia.  Eventually Nick joined me (sort of) and despite being out to sea eighty five percent of the time, we managed to have a bunch of babies.

how i pretend Guam was
I got out of the Navy and we moved to the exact other side of the world, Guam.  Ohhhh, Guam.  Looking back with my rose colored glasses, I loved it there.  We had our last baby (yes, LAST) then moved to Hawaii. Then we didn't have any more babies (because we are not having any more babies EVER) and we moved to the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Best. City. Ever.
Yes, you read that correctly.  I live in London.  Sort of.

Because I am a total badass.

Nick is almost done with the Navy.  God willing, he's done with submarines completely.  We don't know where we're going next, and no, we don't even have a little idea.  No means no.  It will most likely be America, but that's all I got. We're due to leave London in June 2016, but I'm trying to think of a way to live here forever.

So far, I got: just stay here and hope for the best.

kids are LOUD
Not much of a plan, but hey.  Gotta start somewhere.

So, Nick is a mechanical engineer and he's in the Navy.  For  just a smidge over four more years. I don't do anything, but I used to be a nurse in the Navy. We have four (yes, four) children, two girls bookending two boys.  The oldest is nine and the youngest is four.  If you're considering having four children in less than six years and you're on the fence and wishy washy, lemme give you some advice.  Don't fucking do it.

quilting kicks ass
Why do I blog? I don't really know.  In part to keep a record of all we do.  Although what we do is watch a lot of tv and cry and drink margaritas and make messes.  Not really record-keeping-worthy.

I like to write, it's like free therapy. I like to quilt, and talk about quilting, and show off my quilts in the hopes that someone will see one and say "Hey, I'd like a quilt at cost, I'll buy the fabric if you make one!" That way I get to enjoy my hobby without going bankrupt, and she gets a (slightly imperfect but made with LOVE) quilt at cost.  Win win. (Win.)

I like my mom to have somewhere to go to look at pictures of my adorable snot nosed children. I especially like to document our travels and for some reason, I cannot get enough of talking about the books I read. But mostly, it's our mundane day to day life.

Our perfectly flawed, exceptionally awesome, blessed beyond all measure, loud, obnoxious every day life.


  1. "Looking back with my rose colored glasses, I loved it there. " YES. How does Guam do that? I'm pretty sure I was miserable there 80% of the time, but to be fair I think that was mostly PPD. Somehow I still miss it.

    Also, Hey, I'd like a quilt at cost, I'll buy the fabric if you make one! ;)

    1. Yeah, I definitely like it a lot more now that I'm no longer trapped there ;) And if you're really interested in a quilt, shoot me an email or fb message.