Friday, March 20, 2015

Around Here

Around here....

...spring might be coming. But probably not.

... coloring.  Lots of coloring. 

...going to shows. Because we're badass.

... taking so much advantage of the library, it seems almost sort of criminal.

... knitting, even though it doesn't seem to be getting an easier or faster.  I just love the repetitive motions.

... watching chicks hatch at nursery.  None of the other moms seem impressed, but I beg Daisy to take me in every morning so I can look at them.  They're so cute!!! Why doesn't anyone else care?!?!

..playing lego.  Always playing lego.

... reading in weird places and entering the photos in school competitions.  For once, a school project I can get on board with.

... loving life.  And taking lots of pics of Daisy June because she's the only one who lets me.

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