Monday, March 30, 2015

Hello April

*March goals here.*

HOUSE/PURGE:  This month, we're tackling another fricking task that's been on my list since we moved in TWO YEARS AGO- the shitstorm that is the laundry room.  I also want to empty out a few of the 'junk' cabinets in the kitchen (yes, normal people have junk drawers- Engelbrechts have entire cabinets) and the black hutch in the dining room, which we might as well call a junk hutch.  I have a lot of junk.  It sounds like a lot, but if I get off the computer, I could do all three of these things in one naptime.

NAGGING TASK:  This one is a little ridiculous, a little why didn't she just DO that already?! I need to super glue the canning lids together on all my little hipster mason jars for all my little hipster coconut oil projects.  You know what I'm talking about? Like, there's the rim that spins onto the jar, then the disc that goes inside? It infuriates me when I spin the rim off, then I have to grab the disc off too.  Am I insane? Probably. But then minutes with a tube of glue will fix it, so let's hop to.

HEALTH/STYLE/BEAUTY: For this one, I need to get the kids some summer shoes.  Ava, weirdo that she is, never wears the Toms I get her, she only wants to wear sneakers.  So weird.  So I guess I should just get her some sneakers.  I got the boys these too cute Vans last summer and they both hated them. What is wrong with my children?!!? I also need to track down some footies to wear with my Toms and flats because these ones ain't cutting it- I think I sweat MORE with them on!! Any advice? Also worth noting: It's nowhere near warm enough to be thinking about ANY of this.  Just so you know.  Ugh.

CRAFT:  April is gonna be busy quiltwise. I have a lap size quilt I have to finish (er, and start) for a goodie basket donation thingie, plus Serena's Birch farm. I'd like to have the top completely done to that, but the goodie basket is going to have to come first, so who knows. I'd also like to make some headway on the trail tote I've been saying I'm going to make for about ever and I'd like to get a few rows on the baby doll blankie knitted.

Edit: I typed that out before I realized that I'm a moron.  Measurable goals Engelbrecht!!! So. I'd like to attach all the pieces to make my 'yardage' for the trail tote (I'm doing it quilted) and make the piping.  And research making zippers.  Ugh.  And for the blanket, I want twelve rows a week.  That's two a night, plus a night off.  That's TOTALLY doable, I can do four in an hour long show, plus we're going on holiday, so there's lots of knit time there.  And the Birch farm top ain't happening.  My goal is to have the top half of the top done.

PHOTOGRAPHY:  Um, maybe get some pics? Ugh.  Okay, measurable.  A pic of all four kids in Cornwall, a good one.  Worthy of being framed.  WITH MY BIG CAMERA.  There.

March recap: I purged half those Lego! Probably more than half.  And the kids never even noticed.  Suckers.  I didn't throw them out, I stuck them at the top of my closet. Does that even count as purging? Whatever. It's exactly what I wanted.  Go me!

I sharpened all those fucking colored pencils.  Took me a million hours.  And I tossed dry markers and broken crayons.  I was an art supplies Nazi.  Two for two!! GO ME!!!

I made (and quickly became ADDICTED to) a sugar scrub.  More on that another day because OH MY GAWD I LURVE IT. I ordered the razor and have used it three times, so it's a little premature for a declaration of love and adoration, but it does get the job done.  I did not throw out a single half empty jar/tube of anything in the cabinets.  Oops.

My crafts goal taught me a lesson I already know: goals have to be measurable!!! "Make some progress" on the knit blanket?!?! That's NOT a goal!! So did I? I don't know!! I knit a few rows.  Dammit Jennifer!! Rookie mistake! Get your head in the game!! I did, however, press open all three hundred and sixty eight fucking HST for Serena.  She better CRY when she gets this quilt!! You hear me Samantha!?! I want TEARS OF FUCKING JOY!!! So yeah, it's good that I'm taking a break from hers to to the INQ, or I might just light those motherfuckers on fire.  Do I sound bitter? BECAUSE I TOTALLY AM.

Photography fail.  Ugh.  I took my big camera out a few times, but didn't get anything that blew me away.  Nor did I crack open the composition book I got from the library.  There's always April.  Sigh.

March goals here.  Ya'll got any goals for April?

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