Monday, March 2, 2015

What I'm Into (February 2015)

Basically, alls I do is sew and read and watch tv.

It's pretty awesome.

So let's dive in, shall we?

Sewing: I tried to follow this tutorial to make these little drawstring bags to carry my knitting around in. And it worked, because it's a good tutorial...but they're TINY. I tried to adjust the measurements myself to make it bigger and we all know how awesome I am at math. The first one ended up so tall and narrow that I can see into it to get anything out, and the second one is basically a drawstring bag for a barbie doll.  So...pinterestfail.

I've also been busting my butt to finish off a queen sized quilt a friend from back when I was in the Navy  bought me fabric for, and yesterday, after countless HOURS UPON HOURS, when I finally sewed the last stitch...I actually cried a little bit.

And yall, this quilt has actually like...opened my eyes. I don't like the fabric, AT ALL, but it's not for me, the girl picked it and paid for it and seems to like it. She did let me pick the binding, which I love, but that's not the point. The point is, even though I'm a grown woman, I still struggle with differences. I want everyone else to like what I like and hate what I hate. My friend Laura from Guam was one of the first people who really helped me see that it's OKAY to be different. We can like different things. Mind blowing, I know. But for someone as self centered and immature as me, it's sort of a daily challenge. So yeah, I didn't like the fabric, but THAT'S OKAY. I still think the quilt is beautiful. I worked just as hard on this one as any other one I've done. I hope she loves it just as much as I love the ones I've made with my favorite fabrics.

I don't know. It sounds stupid writing it all out like this, but it was neat to think about while I was sewing. For hours. And hours. And hours.

But now that that's all shipped out to its owner, I'm almost done with a top for another friend made with this TO DIE FOR Lotta Jansdotter collection, Bella. It's old, so it's hard to hunt down, but I grabbed a layer cake at Missouri Star. You could grab some of their yardage if you want, or hunt it down on etsy?

I used the layer cake, then some extras from the Mormor and Follie lines, to whip up my go-to Easy Bake pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. LOVE this pattern.  You could seriously do an entire quilt top in a day if you put your mind to it.

And if the weather ever clears up on the east coast so my mail can get sorted, I should be getting this Birch Farm collection to start on Serena's quilt.  I'm super excited about this one too!! I'm going to go with my beloved Half Square Triangles, and in another lesson on how other people don't have to like the same things I do, I'll be doing this skinny diamond stripe type thingie.

Listening: The new Imagine Dragons cd came out a while back. I don't love it as much as the first, and I don't love THEM as much as The Killers (duh) but we're going to see them at the O2 in November and I think it'll be a pretty rad show. Warriors is my current fave song from this one.

I joined audible for their free trial and...I was underwhelmed. When I was pregnant with Junebug and my doc put me on a diet and exercise program, I listened to all three Hunger Games books while walking at the beach and I loved it. This time..notsomuch. I don't know why. I felt like it was taking FOREVER, I didn't like the way the narrator pronounced the names, I didn't like the way he made Locke seem whiney...I don't know. It just wasn't as fun as I'd wanted it to be. And I like to read in the few stolen minutes, you know? Like when I'm two minutes early to get Daisy from school, or while they watch My Little Pony before bed. But it would take me more than those two minutes to even open the app on my phone, and I couldn't very well sit on the couch with headphone in while the kids watched a show.  So it just wasn't for me.

That being said, when I cancelled my membership trial thingie, they offered me three months at fifty percent off and I took it. So basically everything I said was a waste of time because I'm still going to do it.


I'm desperate for some good podcasts if yall have any suggestions. I need something to listen to while I sew and load the dishwasher.

Watching: Breaking Bad (finally) and...Supernatural.  I know, trust me.  I KNOW.

Breaking Bad is every bit as awesome and amazing and perfect as everyone always said it was. I'd tried to start this back in Hawaii, but I quit after just two episodes. I'd thought that Walter White was a good dude thrust in a bad situation, and after the first two episodes, I thought nope, this guy is just an asshole, who wants to watch this? So I quit. But I finally caved and started it up just a few weeks ago. Going into it knowing that he was always sorta douchy made it a lot better. And now, obviously, I'm hooked. HOOKED I TELL YA!!! I think about it ALL DAY. I dream about it at night. It's taken over basically every aspect of my life.

And Supernatural is every bit as embarrassing as I was expecting it to be. Let me just bare my shameful soul and explain how I got hooked on this one. I started up with Doctor Who a while back. And the more obsessed with that I got, the more preteen fan accounts I started following on instagram. Like, a lot. An embarrassing amount. And these twelve year old girls seemed to love Supernatural almost as much as they love Doctor Who. So it peaked my interest. Is that a thing, 'peaked' my interest? I don't know. I also follow a few Doctor Who boards on Pinterest, and they've got SO MANY Supernatural pins that make it look absolutely HILARIOUS. So I fired up season one episode one while I was sewing one day....and twenty hours of my life that I'll never get back later...I'm finally on season two.

It's GOOD yall. So cheesey and lame and written for thirteen year old girls...but I love it. LOVE IT. I can't wait for this Castiel to show up, he gets the best memes on pinterest. I bet I'll just love him.

So that's my shameful secret guilt pleasure. Well, one of them ;) Even Nick is making fun of me for this one. Although, he makes fun of me a lot...hmm.

Reading: I plan to do a few book reviews this month, so I won't go too deep here.  So far this year I've read the second and third Gentleman Bastards books (the third was the audible thing I tried, I listened to half of it and then quit and read the rest on my library book) and loved both of them. I read SK's latest, Revival, and thought it was sort of lame. Cress was also a bit lamer than the first two Cinder books, but I still loved it. All the Light We Cannot See was absolutely one of the best books I've ever read (ever) and I also REALLY liked Queen of the Tearling even though so many people seemed to think it was uberlame. And lastly, I just finished Mime Order and I ate it UP. Five hundred pages in three days. And I don't typically read fast AT ALL.  I just loved it. LOVED IT.

This leads me to two tangents. First: why does the Goodreads app suck so bad? I feel like I cannot do ANYTHING on it. Is it user error? The website is so much better!!

Second: I need more like Mime Order. Like, NOW. I don't want to say I'm a 'fantasy' reader. I don't even know if Mime Order is technically fantasy. I don't want to read about dragons. Except for the ones in Game of Thrones. Hmm.  AM I a fantasy reader?!?! Anyway. I couldn't do it on the app (of course) but on the actual site I could do the whole "If you liked Mime Order, try these next!!" and they all seemed sort of...lame. I don't want teenage love triangles. I don't MIND romance (cough Warden is so sexy cough) but I'm just not looking for Twilight, if that makes sense.  So, any suggestions?

Feeling: So much better mentally. Sunset is creeping towards six oclock (sort of) and it's warming up (sort of) and things are just good right now. Nice and calm, lots of time at home, barely any errands that make my skin crawl, just lots of good.  It's nice. Nice and good.

Linking up with Leigh Kramer. What are ya'll into this month?

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