Friday, April 24, 2015

Flashback Friday: Disney World, March 2010

When we moved from Connecticut to Guam in March of 2010, we spent a few weeks with our families before the twenty three hour flight.  And since Nick's family lives so close to Orlando, it just made sense to go to Disney World.

This was Ava and Scott's second trip, and Warren's first.  Obviously.  He'd just turned one.  My baby.  Sob.

I've been working on a physical scrapbook for...the entire five years since this trip happened.  So I finally said fuck that and just did it on the computer.

I got all my supplies at Lillypad, but they were all part of the retirement sale, so I can't link to them because...they're gone. Sorry about that.

I got my templates from this gal and then I just make them bigger and smaller as I need to.

Now I just need a sale so the book isn't a billion dollars and I can finally toss all the old scrapping shit.  Or I can just ignore it for five more years and work on Disney 2007 instead...

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