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Friday Favorites (17/4/15)


I love these shoes. I got a pair on sale at piperlime sometime when we were in Guam, so, most likely, before Daisy was born, or shortly thereafter. I wore them basically every single day in Guam and Hawaii, then we moved here and I can only wear them on warm sunny days.  So, four days a year.  Just kidding. Sort of.  Anyway, after three or four years, my soles finally wore down, so I started looking for a new pair.  Of course, I would DIE for a pair of Tieks, but two fifty on shoes isn't really something I can even wrap my mind around (and if I'm honest, I couldn't handle the teal on the heel- shudder), and I'm super impressed by how COMFY my Luckies are, not to mention that they've lasted SO LONG, so I just ordered another pair.  Of the exact same shoes.

Have I ever mentioned how boring I am and how much I hate change?

But alas.  This is me, and I've made peace with it. So, if you're in the market for cute comfy flats that won't cost a fortune and will last forever, here you go.  You're welcome.

2) Speaking of those perfect and life affirming Lucky flats (how I love those shoes), I guess now that I'm an old lady I have to wear sock with flats? Is that a thing? My feet sweat so much (even when it's cold because um, well, it's usually cold here?) that they slip in those shoes.  Is it because they're on the cheaper side? Is it whatever they're made of? My feet sweat in my topsiders and my toms too though.

Anyway, point being, I used to always wear these (sort of nylon maybe? They feel like panty hose) bootie thingies. But nylon doesn't do anything for sweat so it was useless.  I've worn these ones from Old Navy about five times (I washed them between wearings grosso!!) and I love them.  They got mixed reviews, but I have nothing but good things to say.  They've got some sort of magic rubber in the heel that keeps them in place (I walked for a good three hours maybe? Yesterday in the city. They didn't budge.) and they're completely invisible, I'm wearing them in the shot above.  Two for eight bucks is good enough for me, so I'm set.

That being said, I didn't know if I'd like them and I needed to add something to an order at Amazon to get free shipping, so I also ordered this Hue version the same week, but they haven't come yet.  US mail is a little weird. They're basically the same exact price (four for 16) so God help me decide which ones to stockpile if I like them both equally. Engelbrecht doesn't do decisions, ya'll.  #statetheobvious

3) And as long as we're sticking with feet for a while, I just got the kids each a pair of Natives for the 'summer' this year.  I have a thing about crocs (why is the toe SO WIDE) and I've got Ava toms the last few years and she never wears them and last year I got the boys Vans and they HATED them, so long story even longer, I went with Natives this year. I got everyone the Jefferson version in different colors, Scott's are some sort of zebra print.  He's the only one who's not wild about them (he takes after his mama when it comes to change) but Daisy is OBSESSED with her hot pink ones.  She has talked me into letting her wear them to school every day this week even though I always say no.  Ava and Warren each change into theirs every day after school, which for Warren doesn't mean anything, but to get Ava out of her beloved trainers? That's a big deal ya'll.

I don't have any pics though.  They look like kids wearing Natives. I lucked out and Nordstrom was doing some sort of price match, so I took the time to pick the colors they were matching and got them for twenty seven bucks for the babies (that's cheaper than crocs!) and thirty five for Ava and Scott.  Amazon has them too, but I was having a terrible time getting sizes and colors to match up, the Nordstrom website was just easier.  And they do free shipping, NO MINIMUM.  Nordstrom is fixin to edge out Amazon for my favorite place to shop.  Which brings me to...

4) PHILOSOPHY NO REASON TO HIDE (it's a tinted moisturizer type thang)

Granted, I only had one of those sample packs.  So I've literally only used it once.  One day.  But. When I did use it, it was basically like the heavens opened up and angels sang and little beams of light made it thru the roof and walls and illuminated my face in a glowing radiant ball of wonderment.  So obviously I raced downstairs to order a real bottle.  Fingers crossed it wasn't a fluke.  Damn those samples!! They always get me!

Stay tuned, I know you're gonna lose sleep waiting to hear how this one ends.  Will she love it? Will she hate it? Will her husband divorce her because she's out of control with online shopping? TUNE IN FOR THE NEXT INSTALLMENT OF AS THE BORING HOUSEWIFE'S ORDINARY WORLD TURNS!!


So you know I just took up knitting. You know, because I talk about it ALL THE TIME. I actually talk about it a lot more than I actually DO it, because it's really sort of hard. I first got the craving to learn how to knit when Elise made 29 knit blankets last year. I wanted to just buy one of hers, but they were a hundred and ten bucks and 36x36. Um, no. I can make a dang 50x64 QUILT for a hundred and twenty.  So that wasn't happening.  And they sold out super fast anyway.

So I googled and bitched to Angela about not wanting to spend the money on needles and yarn in case I couldn't figure it out, and she got sick enough of listening to me that she sent me two sets of needles and a few balls of yarn for Christmas and bam, I was off.

This video is the one I used when I very first got started.  I spent hours (literally) just practicing the way she casts on because I couldn't figure it out.  And low and behold (lo and behold?) I got it!! I can cast on like a pro.  As long as I'm watching the video while I do it...

And now I usually go straight to this dude when I get confused about something or want to learn a new stitch.  He's got TONS, he's very well spoken and calm and just really good.  I'm also taking this class at Craftsy to try to get faster, but I've only done two lessons.  Whomp whomp.  I don't see speed in my future.  I do, however, absolutely LOVE holding the yarn in my left hand (thanks Jodi!!) and I've been doing that almost from the get go.  I feel like if I tried to swap back to my right, it'd feel REALLY weird.

I still haven't decided on my favorite types or yarn or favorite brands of needles, but I really like Addi needles. And Nick got me the set I wanted for my birthday, so hopefully I'll get the chance to dick around with those soon.  And this is the yarn I think Elise used on those blankets, which explains why my tiny little baby doll blanket isn't knitting up like hers- my yarn must be almost half the diameter of hers.  Oops. How did I manage to screw that one up? That just goes to show you, you should ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS spend fifty hours googling shit before you do it.  Then you won't have this problem!!!

So those are my favorite things for this week.  You got anything I should be trying? Linking up with Momfessionals for Friday Favorites.

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