Friday, April 10, 2015

Knitting Needle Roll Thingie Tutorial

*We've been on vacay, but I wrote this out ages ago and set it to post while we were gone, but whomp whomp, I still don't know how to use a computer, so here you go*

So I've always wanted to do a tutorial post, no idea why. So...that's what I did.  It's certainly not the best out there, I hate math and I only used my phone and got about half the pictures I should have. But I'm pretty excited to share.

I made a roll to store my knitting needles in.  I've been trying to make project bags and that is just NOT working, so I figured I could toss this in my Grown Ass Lady tote with my wip and call it good. I't got tons of nooks for all your needles, scissors, tapestry needles, DPNs, tiny boxes of stitch markers, pens, and my handy dandy tape measure. If I can ever find it.

Here we go!

You will need:

5 Pieces of Fabric:

-Outside Main: 15in wide x 21in tall

-Lining: 15x21

-Tallest Pocket: 15x10.5

-Middle Pocket: 15x8

-Shortest Pocket: 15x5.5

-You'll also need two pieces of ribbon, about 20 inches each.  I had to make my own, which sucks, but if you need to do that, I can show you how. I just didn't want to wait till I could run to the store.  How do I not own ribbon?!?!

-And of course, scissors, rotary cutter, thread, ruler, sewing machine...all that jazz.

I wanted mine 'quilted' for no real reason- mostly because I had a few leftover HSTs from when I made my favorite quilt last autumn and I've been DYING to use them for something. And if you quilt it, it'll be all formed and sturdy without needing interfacing...which I also didn't have on hand.

So. Cut all your fabric.  Attach interfacing if you're going that route. I cut some cheapo batting down to 15x21, arranged my squares how I wanted them, filled in the gaps with some solid scraps I had laying around, then made the quilt top and quilted it to the batting.  If you're using just a normal piece of fabric, you don't do any of this.

So the first real step is hemming the tops of the pocket pieces. I wanted my hem facing me, like a lip on the tops. You might want them folded back, hidden. But you'll have the stitches, so I don't know how that would look.

Fold the top down a quarter inch all along the length, press in place. Fold over again so all raw edges are concealed. Press again. I did NOT measure this, I like to just wing it.  Live dangerously.

Do all three pockets.
Sew the hem down on all three pockets.  Press again for good luck.

Clear off your workspace so you have room to do shit. I skipped this step and it sucked.

Lay the big Lining piece down, right side up. Lay the Tallest Pocket on top of it, ALSO right side up, which feels a little weird if you're used to sewing right sides together. Line up the BOTTOM. In Regular Math World, the sides will also line up. This of course was not the case for me, so I just centered it as best I could.

Now make sure you're holding a FABRIC MARKING PEN and not one of those thin Sharpies you use to write all over washi tape.  THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Use your ruler to make STRAIGHT lines every inch.  My measurements were way off, so I got 15 lines.  You want to start on the left, and make the first one like an inch and a half from the edge, because that half inch is going to disappear in the seam allowance when you sew on the main.

Go sew along these lines, backstitching enough to keep everything snug when you're sliding your needles in and out. I left the hem free so I've got a lip on each pocket.

Come back down (I sew upstairs and iron downstairs- don't get me started) and lay the Middle Pocket on top of the Tallest Pocket, right side up again. Now these lines are important- they have to match the Tallest Pocket lines almost exactly, or else your Tallest pocket cubbies will have random lines through them and they won't hold even the skinniest needle.  So your first line will be 2.5 inches from the left edge, which should be right on top of the SECOND line on the Tallest pocket.  Does that make sense?

Next line is two inches away, then another two, and so on and so forth- but again, these lines MUST match up with the Tallest pocket lines. Trust me on this.

Go up and sew those lines down, making sure to backstitch.  Snug is the word.  These pockets are for trinkets for me, I think regular people would stick their DPNs in them.  I don't use DPNs and doubt I ever will.  I do love trinkets though. And scissors.

Now lay the Shortest Pocket on top of the Middle, right side up.  Now you've got to match up your new lines with both the Middle and the Tallest lines, but since those should already be perfect, you should be good to go.  I don't normally go for perfect, but these just HAVE to be right.  Trust me.

Mark your first line 4.5 inches from the left. This should line up perfectly with the second line you sewed onto the Middle pocket.  Next line is 4 inches from the first, final one is another four inches away from that.  Go sew these last three lines and come back and press them all for good luck.  Or to set the seams.  However you wanna look at it.

So now you've got all your nooks and crannies done!!

Now the ribbon.  Either be a normal person and HAVE ribbon in your house, or make your own.  Get some leftover binding strips, 2.5 wide, around 20in long.  Press right sides together, sew, turn them right side out.  I have to do this every time I make my son a new purse (excuse me, LETTER CARRIER BAG) so I use two safety pins and another scrap of ribbon.  Feed it all the way thru, pin one side of the ribbon you're making, then pull that sucker all the way rightside in.

Then you attach the ribbons to the left edge RIGHT side of the pockets, raw edges together.  If you have raw edges. Attach them about nine inches from the bottom of the piece.
Home stretch!!

Grab your Outer Main and stick it on top of the lining and pockets, right sides together, keeping the ribbon nice and safe in the middle, NOT sticking out the side.  Pin it if you're a pinner. I'm not usually, but I was nervous about the batting, so I did this time.  Leave about four inches on top to turn it, but otherwise, sew it together! Clip your corners, turn it right sides out, press it one last time and viola!!

Now you just need to buy a shit ton more needles to fill it up.

So. My first tutorial.  It was hard as hell to put together...but for some reason it was super fun! I can see this becoming a habit.  Here's hoping it's not an annoying one.

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