Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Week in Cornwall

So for the second week the Easter term break, we headed down to the Cornwall coast with Megan and her kids.  I've been wanting to go there forever (okay, since I saw About Time) and I can say after being there for four days, we will DEFINITELY be going back.  It was sort of absolutely perfect and spectacular.

It was a four hour drive, but with stopping and traffic, it took us at least five.  We stayed here, in a town called Tintagel.  I guess it's Northeast Cornwall? Megan stayed a few doors down but I acutally never went to check out her house :( Ours was very basic, no frills.  Two bedrooms, one bath (upstairs) good sized living room, full kitchen, washer outside in the shed, fantastic yard.  When the haze lifted, you could technically see the water, but I certainly wouldn't agree with the Stunning Sea Views they listed it as.

The first thing we did was head to St Nectan's Glen to hike to the falls. The website for the Glen seems to be on the fritz, so if you're headed that way, the postcode is PL34 OBE, you park on the side of the road and then follow the signs.  The initial hike is to a little cafe where you pay for the falls and if you didn't wear wellies (we didn't...) she'll let you borrow a pair there.  The guidebook didn't mention it, but it's a pretty big deal: YOU HAVE TO STAND IN AT LEAST A FOOT OF WATER TO EVEN BE ABLE TO SEE THE WATERFALL.

Seriously.  It's not like 'oh you might get a little splashed'- the waterfall is behind a mountain and you have to GO INTO THE WATER to see it.  Trust me on this one folks, wear wellies.  If she hadn't had some to lend us, we would have been screwed.  You literally cannot see ANYTHING until you're IN the water.

The next day, we headed over to Tintagel Castle, which they say is the birthplace of King Arthur, but then right under that they say haha just kidding it's not really.  Very strange marketing.  It's on the English Heritage so if you have that, it's free.  And it is STUNNING.

There's also a beach when the tide goes out (you have to have the tide tables for your entire Cornwall vacay, just FYI) and we climbed down there to laugh at everyone in the freezing cold (literally freezing cold) water.

Thursday we rode the train around Bodmin, but it was sort of lame after the AMAZINGNESS of our Switzerland train experience.  So be warned before you book that.  Then we had a quick pastie for lunch (at Warren's Bakery lol!!) and headed to Golitha Falls for what not even lazy Engelbrecht here can describe as a 'hike'- it was just a walk.  Very nice.

We wanted to try to hunt down some of the Stone Circles around Bodmin, but it just wasn't in the cards, so we headed down for some fish and chips and ate out at a playground because the sun doesn't set still after seven now.  Hooray for summer!

Friday we had to leave (sucks, I definitely could have spent a few more days down there and I'm already looking for long weekends we could escape) but before we started the drive, we headed for the most amazing part of the trip- Boscastle Harbour. Second only to that train ride in Switzerland at those two lakes, this is the absolute coolest thing I've ever seen.  Yes, even cooler than when we did the Cliffs of Moher because you're RIGHT FUCKING THERE. And we were the ONLY people there, unlike Moher where there were probably seven billion people pushing me around.

The Coastguard tower looked about nine miles away, and I was thisclose to saying screw it, but Megan gently talked me into it and OHMYGODITWASSOCOOLTHANKYOUMEGANFOREVERANDEVER.

Then we drove home and it took forever because the entire country was also driving home.  The end.

But seriously, Cornwall is amazing and I have to go back.  If you get the chance, I highly recommend it.

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