Monday, May 18, 2015

Around Here...

...loving this quote.

...soaking up what feels like endless sunshine at the park after school. Remind me of this come November please.

...planning fun things to do when my parents come for the first week of June.  The kids will be in school, but we might take a few days to play hooky.

...taking this class and having a blast. I was going to try to get it all done quickly, but I'm REALLY loving it, and thinking I'm gonna need a hobby next autumn, so now I'm taking it slowly, trying to savor it.  I hate to be all omg this class is so eye opening and life changing but.... this class is sort of eye opening and if not life changing, at least life...altering? Life adding? Life affirming even? I highly recommend it to anyone. Where else can you admit how big a role Friends and coffee play in your life?!?!

...can't stop crafting. I don't even get it.  It's not like I'm selling any shit or anything. Quilting isn't exactly an inexpensive hobby, and I'm quickly learning that knitting might actually be MORE expensive.  But there's just something about it.  Nick is restoring a thirty year old Land Rover and sometimes it drives me batshit how much time he spends out there working on it- but it's THE SAME DAMN THING. There's just something about taking something in your hands and making it into something else, something better- it just feels good.  Really good.

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