Monday, May 4, 2015


*April goals here*

Is it actually May? I swear we just did Christmas.

Anyway. Let's get right to it.  My smaller goals for May:

HOUSE/PURGE: This month we're going for the foyer table, which isn't that bad, and the bookshelf thing where our TV is, which is AWFUL. I have this terrible habit of finding random shit all over the living room floor while I'm working out, and instead of putting it away or throwing it out... I stick it behind the books.  I don't know why. Yes, I do. It's because I'm lazy. But I need to clean all that stuff out. And stop doing that.

NAGGING TASK: Go thru all Ava's old clothes and find out what Daisy can wear. I despise this. I guess I should do Scott/Warren too.  Gag me.

HEALTH/STYLE/BEAUTY: Get outfits to have some family pics done.  Also, find someone to do some family pics.

CRAFT: Mail that beast for Serena.  Which means finishing that beast for Serena. I'd also like to get thru the heel of one of my socks that I casted on! I'm so excited.  I also casted (cast?) on for a new blanket, exactly the same as my first one but with bigger needles, and I'd like to get...let's say... eight stripes? They're eight rows, so that's 64 rows. I also need to have Megan's quilt done since she's moving, but I'm hopeful that that's going to go by pretty quickly.

April Recap: I did the hutch (sort of...) but not the laundry room. Of course not, bc I am nothing if not terribly lazy and unmotivated. I did move my camera bag from where it was sitting on top of the washer to set it next to the computer. So that's helpful. I tossed a lot of stuff in the junk cabinets.

Super glue the canning jar lids together? Done and done.

Got the kids' summer shoes and myself some tiny socks.  Shopping is always an easy one to check off.

I made my craft goals my total bitch last month. Trail tote? DONEZO. International Night quilt? Bitch please, totally finished. Knit blanket? Off the needles and onto the couch. Serena's quilt top? COMPLETELY FINISHED, BASTED, AND MORE THAN HALFWAY QUILTED BITCHES!!!

Huh. Maybe that's why I didn't clean anything in April?

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