Friday, May 1, 2015

What I'm Into (April 2015)

Reading: Lemme think, I've finished a lot of what I picked up at the library last month- Red Rising, Saint Odd, the latest Shopaholic, The Martian, Near Enemy,  and Code Name Verity. Unfortunately (but actually more like fortunately) each time I brought books back, I picked up more AND the library increased their limit.  Right now I've got The Farm and Child 44, Under the Never Sky, The Magician King and I just finished Girl on the Train (dud) and I'm just getting into Miss Peregrine. Phew.  And that leads up into summer where I am SO looking forward to ALL THE RELEASES!

Looking Forward To: I'm like six weeks behind on my Entertainment Weekly (frowny face, for reals) but what I've got is some good stuff ya'll. The Avengers comes out May 1 (at least in America, groan.  Who knows when we'll get it.  Either before or after, right? And I don't even think Loki is in it so who even cares.  Me.  That's who.  Dammit.) The new Mumford&Sons album comes out May 4 and I'm sure I'll devote an entire post to that (YOU'RE WELCOME IN ADVANCE), however my hopes are not high because CHANGE=BAD.  The Affair starts on UK tv on May 13, Mad Max (and Pitch Perfect...) are May 15,  Finders Keepers comes out June 2.

My parents come June 4, Invasion of the Tearling is out June 9, Orange is the New Black comes back for season three on Netflix and Jurassic Park part one million hits theaters June 12,  and we are going to see Elphaba herself at Wembley on June 27.  And the new Terminator on July 1 but I can't decide if I'm excited about that or not. I automatically hate things that are mispelled on purpose (Genisys? REALLY?!?!) but I'm a huge Terminator nerd and there's not a Terminator movie out there that I don't like at least a little bit. I know everyone hated 3 but I thought it was alright, and I really enjoyed Salvation because hello Sam Worthington.  But this one looks...different.  I mean, I'll go see it.  Of course. But my hopes are NOT high.

Watching: Um, what I am NOT watching? First, The Avengers came out over here waaaay early, so I went and saw that a few days after I started this post.  Take that, bitch.  I loved it, although not as much as I loved this last Captain America or even Guardians of the Galaxy.  It was a little heavy on the Hulk, which I didn't love, but also heavy on the Hawkeye, which I LOOOOOVED. Just a good fun movie.

We rented Predestination when we were in Cornwall and WHOA.  It made my head hurt.  I highly recommend that one, but don't read too much about it first.  Including the actor lineup at IMDB.  In fact, I'm not even going to link to it.  We also rented Fury which I wasn't overly impressed by, but Nick really liked it.

Despite my continued use of the phrase 'yeah, bitch' at every available opportunity, we are taking a brief hiatus from Breaking Bad. Sigh. It's hard, but there's only five seasons are we just finished the third!! I wanna stretch it out.

Along that line, I am taking a break from Supernatural, but for a different reason.  Namely, I was obsessed and watching three episodes a day and it's all I thought about and dreamed about and I was just straight up OBSESSED.  I made poor Megan sit thru two episodes with me one afternoon!! She couldn't have been less interested, and I just sat there making her watch it. Obsessed, folks.

So I realized I had a problem (I get like this.  Doctor Who, anyone?) and I quit for a while. It's hard. I miss it and every time I click over on Netflix it makes me want to cry to skip over it.  Ugh.

But.  I have to do SOMETHING while I'm working on that fucking nightmare for Serena, so I started Turn and OHMIGOSH I love it so. I watched all ten episodes in three days.  I love Jamie Bell just in and of himself, but in this he is absolutely BRILLIANT.  The entire cast is.  Man, I literally have goosebumps thinking about it. It's about the Revolutionary War, but it's more than that.  It's just GOOD.  Makes you think. And Captain Simcoe seriously gives me nightmares. And also also, I don't know that I can forgive Abe for what he does in the finale.  Surely he could have figured out a better way.

After I finished that (in three days) I finally broke down and bought Outlander.  Granted, I didn't love the first book as much as everyone else did, but the show? The show is TO DIE FOR.  I'm only two episodes in, but I'm already trying to figure out a way I could find those stones and go back and get my own Jamie. Edit: I'm now on episode five and I wanna kill myself I love it so much.  I am OBSESSED.  So that's not as helpful as you'd think.  Sigh.

And since we're not watching Breaking Bad for a while, Nick and I started Poldark at night and that's a winner too.  Although if I'm honest, I can't understand a few of the characters.  But if I rewind it enough, Nick will get frustrated and just tell me what they're saying. Anyway, the plot is all right, but the scenery is GORGEOUS.  Cornwall is just the BEST.  If this one makes it over on PBS or HBO or something, WATCH IT. You'll thank me later.

I think I watch too much tv so I'm gonna quit now before I start to embarrass myself. Quit writing, not quit watching tv, lol. You're so silly.

As always, linking up with Leigh Kramer to see what everyone else is into lately.


  1. Isn't British television essentially the best thing ever. I heart it so much. Also, I feel your pain about the Hulk. That relationship came out of nowhere and was even less believable than there being, you know, like superheroes and stuff. ;)

    1. Yup. One of my favorite superficial things I love about living here is the tv ;)