Friday, June 19, 2015

Finish It Up Friday

No quilts.  Frowny face.  Well actually I did finish one up last week, but I didn't take any pics.  What's up with that?!?! When do I not take fourteen hundred pics of the same thing?!?!


Anyway, onward.  I've been a bag making fiend lately, but knitting has fit perfectly into my watching-tv-after-the-kids-go-to-bed time, just like I was hoping it would.  I hate to go upstairs to sew instead of hanging out with Nick, but I also hate to just stare at the tv mindlessly, so knitting it is!! Angela, have I thanked you lately for getting me started on this?


I finished up my very first pair of socks!! And they (mostly) work!!!

The bigger one, I cast on 72 stitches because the directions said something along the lines of '64 for an average woman's foot, 72 for a man' so I figured an average woman doesn't wear a nine and a half...but then when it came to the heel I think I just made some shit up and ran with it.  Honestly, no idea what I did, but whatever it was, it wasn't right, and it didn't work.  So that made it even BIGGER.  Then when I cast on the second one, I figured I'd go 64, which is pretty snug going over my cankles, but better than the 72, and I followed her directions (novel idea, I know) for the heel and voila, a pair of socks. I don't know why the big one is so much taller.  Sigh.

But regardless, I'm so proud I could just cry.  Fine, I did cry. Anyway, that pair is made in this (extremely affordable for the new knitter!!!) Lion brand sock-ease yarn in Rock Candy.  Whoa, it was way cheaper when I got it.  Maybe look for sales? I used this super simple (FREE!!) pattern from my favorite (of like three...) knit blogger podcaster dyer everything else- Voolenvine. Trust me, she's rad. A little too into her cat though. I can't wait till I know what I'm doing enough to justify buying yarn from her.  First on my wish list is something in her gorgeous, TO DIE FOR Octopus Garden colorway.

Then I immediately cast on another pair of socks.  Okay, fine, I cast on a second pair waaaaaaay before I finished the first.  Whatever.  I used this super cheap yarn (random find on Amazon UK) and this super simple pattern (Rose City Rollers by Mara Catherine Bryner) because I wanted to try this infinitely more complex Fish Lips Kiss Heel before I cast on a pair in this fancy, expensive yarn I got downtown.  And guess what, bitches?

I did the heel!!!
I don't know enough terminology to explain it, but the pattern was SIXTEEN PAGES!!! Only like three of them are the actual heel, and while it was difficult to figure out, the heel itself was SO EASY and amazing.  I loved doing it, and I think it's safe to say it'll be my go to heel.  I mean, I've knit three heels in my life so far, and this was my fave, so there you go.  God I'm an ass.  There's no weird slipping stitches and picking up stitches and making huge gaps and all that, so it's sweet.  Plus, Voolenvine says it's HER go-to heel, and if Voolenvine jumped off a cliff, I'd probably jump too.

I will say that the videos the pattern designer made weren't my fave, I prefered this one.  But what this second girl does next, after making her twin stitches, doesn't match up to the FLK heel pattern at all, she goes into making triple stitches and weird stuff, so only use her to learn the actual twin stitch, then get back in the pattern pdf.

And also, that badass Castiel stitch marker was a custom order from the One Geek to Craft Them All shop.  Fab customer service, quick turnaround, no fuss shipping to my APO.  Win win win.

And then for the big one, I finished all ten zipper pouches for my teacher gifts.
Why do my four kids have ten teachers? I have no idea. I don't listen to them very often.

I'd never done these before and even after ten (okay, more like twenty, I needed a LOT of practice) I still wouldn't say that I feel at all comfortable with zippers.  I'd never try to sell these for actual money (they're VERY rough, more home made than hand made, if you know what I mean) but I think for teacher gifts, they're perfect. Not that teachers deserve crappy gifts!! That's not what I meant.  But they're home made, with love, and I think it shows.  Am I full of it? Probably. But I think at least Daisy's teachers will love them.

I used quite a few different tutorials, but I started with this one and worked from there.  This one and this one go into the zipper problem I'm having, and they're each helpful, but I'm still not satisfied with my zippers, so I don't know where to go next.  Suggestions?

They're all quilt as you go with various scraps from quilts I've made in the past, and I ordered a massive amount of zippers from the zipit shop because all the cool kids seem to order from her, plus her prices were about a quarter of what zippers cost at the (sad and sort of pathetic) British version of a hobby store, even when you add in shipping costs.  Which she combined for me, btw. The "batting' for the QAYG is my standard flannel sheet, and for linings I just just whatever I could find that would fit.  They all started at about 9x5, I didn't really measure very often.

I love them.

Then, because I'm nothing if not consistently tacky, I made sure to sew my labels into every last one of them. It's like when a dog pees on everything to mark his territory, I just can't NOT stick my tags on stuff!! I bet if I did the math, the labels would come out as the most expensive part of this little project. I get my labels here but I'm about out and I might try another shop because I'm a little sad that these seem to fade in the wash.  Frowny face for sure because she's so sweet in all her interactions with me.

And also, on a whim at said craft store one day when I was wandering around aimlessly, texting nonsense to Angela, I grabbed a few baggies of supplies to try my hand at making zipper pulls.  Nick even soldered the jump rings for me, so techinally they're snag free and I can use them as stitch markers slash progress keepers!!!
Now I just need a huge bag of random charms and beads.  Suggestions? I'd love a banana to make a Nine marker.  Don't drop the banana!! Why?!?! Good source of potassium!

And that's it for now.  Hopefully for my next finish it up Friday, I'll have a complete pair of Rose City Rollers, plus my fancy yarn pair, the tee shirt quilt I'm working on, a few project bags I'm planning, and maybe the beginnings of a new quilt.  Anyone need a quilt? Winky face.

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  1. love all the pouches -- don't enjoy that kind of stitching so always envious when someone can turn out masses at one time!! Keep at the socks -- my first pair took me 3 years, but now that I've conquered "turning the heel" I knit a dozen pairs a year!?!

    1. I am now completely addicted to knitting socks. Or rather, knitting one sock of a pair, then not knitting the next one, and starting another pair instead. Oops.

  2. I think you are so super clever!! I have ventured in to all sorts of crafty but I haven't been brave enough to give knitting a go yet. Your little zippered pouches look fantastic, a great idea for teachers gifts. I have three boys and between them they have 15 teachers and I home school our eldest! I'm thinking homemade bags or pouches might be the way for me to go this year too.

    1. Thanks!! Still can't quite figure out how we have so many teachers. I don't remember having multiples until junior high!!