Monday, June 15, 2015

Stream of Consciousness

-I'm (understandably? I think?) falling into quite the funk lately.  Megan is gone (GONE!!!) and my parents came and went and school is almost over and it's getting really busy with all that end of year bullshit, and we're starting all the stuff for Daisy to start school full time and it's STILL cold enough to need a jacket or at the very least a cardigan in the mornings- basically, life.  Life gets me down.  And the fact that regular life gets me down just gets me down even more. So that's helpful.

-I rented Whiplash a few weeks ago when it was only a dollar and now our Apple TV is on the fritz (because apparently Apple shit breaks after a few years so you have to buy a new one? Is that a thing?) and I can't get it to load and I've only got six days left to watch it.  The struggle is real.  I love that kid and I super love that guy from Law&Order, so I'm pissed.  Just work!!!
It sat on that screen for fifty seven minutes before I finally called it quits and switched to Orange is the New Black.  Good ole Netlfix, never lets me down.

-Hillingdon libraries still hasn't got any copies of Finders Keepers OR Invasion of the Tearling yet!!! I'm pissed, but I refuse to buy either one out of principle.  I'll show them.  Show who exactly? I don't know. But I'm righteously indignant, regardless of the fact that I don't know where to aim my indignation.  Ugh.  PLUS!?!?! I have an overdue book (probably why they won't order those books- they know I want them and they're mad that I keep my books for twelve weeks...) so I ran to the library after drop offs today and there was a hand written sign on the door: closed from 9-10 for staff training.  What?!?! You can't just close!! You should put that on the website!!!


-Worked out today.  I took a break.  Like a three week break.  I hate working out, but I really like accomplishing something before six in the morning, plus I like to get my shower before Nick leaves for work that way he has to get the kids' breakfasts ready.  If I skip my 'workout' I sleep until seven thirty, no matter what.  I cannot get up at 615 and get in the shower because I am a complete and total asshole.

-Because I knit one single pair of socks (and not even well!!! They're vastly different sizes and neither size is the right size!!!) I have decided that I am the world's best sock knitter and I'm going to knit all the socks for the rest of ever.  Obviously. I've already spent a small fortune on various sock yarns, cast on two, and now I'm crying because I cast them both on wrong (although DIFFERENT types of wrong, how is that even possible?!?!) and I want to do a fish lips kiss heel because all the famous knitters (yes, that's a thing) do it but I bought the pattern and it's sixteen pages and I can't even understand the first sentence.

And on that note, I'm going to go get my kids and sit at the park in the sunshine.  Peace out.

Okay one more because I love this one.

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