Friday, June 26, 2015

What I'm Into (June 2015)

Reading: Still getting too many books from the library at a time.  I've recently finished The Farm, Golden Son, the entire Never Sky trilogy, No Mark Upon Her, and The Shining Girls, which was TO DIE FOR.  Alls that's left in my library basket today is Second Life, which I'm about halfway thru (so far MEH), The Bear, and Big Little Lies, although in England it's just called Little Lies.  Isn't that weird?

Our library still doesn't have any copies (NONE!!!) of Finder's Keepers or Invasion of the Tearling.  Angry red face. For my next haul, I've tracked down The Ice Twins, Sound of Broken Glass (the next one after No Mark Upon Her, which I thoroughly enjoyed), The Good Girl (because Robin) and Case Histories, which someone recommended but I can't remember who, and as soon as I realized it was the same Kate Atkinson who wrote Life After Life (aka best book I've ever read) I was in.  SOLD!!!
I love reading.  Sometimes I worry that one day I'll wake up and it just won't be as magical, but honestly, we're going on what, twenty five years of reading real books now? And opening a book today is just as magical as it was when I was seven.  PRAISE THE LORD AND KNOCK ON WOOD.

Looking Forward To: Going to see Idina Menzel tomorrow!!! I'm gonna die.  Sort of a bummer that Megan isn't going with me (since she went with me to see Kristin Chenoweth, it just seems fitting that she should go see Elphaba...) but I suppose Nick is a good runner up for best date ;)

Going camping again over the 4th of July weekend.  I'm not looking forward to the camping part because duh, but I like the whole sitting around reading and knitting while the kids play, having a fire, eating smores, drinking Rekorderlig, and as a bonus, we're going to be Well.  I thought we were going somewhere cool on the Jurassic Coast with a beach, but apparently not, it's just another campground.  Notsomuch looking forward to this anymore.  Dammit.
Not how I feel about camping.  If Nick is reading...

Watching: Oh man, all the watching. I went to see Man Up (HIGHLY RECOMMEND)  and Pitch Perfect (meh) before Megan left, then I went to see Mad Max (PHENOMINAL- seriously, one of the best movies I've ever seen) and Jurassic World, which I also loved.  It was the perfect amount of cheesey campy fun and catch my breath excitement and get a little choked up nostalgia from the original.  Chris Pratt was absolute and complete perfection and the little boy brother kid was pretty rad too.
hashtag prattkeeping.  aka my latest way to waste three hours. 
(Don't pity me for going to the movies alone.  I love it.  Seriously.  And I REALLY love going to the movies all the time.)

I was super excited to rent Jupiter Ascending a few weeks ago, despite all the AWFUL reviews.  Why did I think it would be good?!?! I don't know.  But it was seriously one of the worst movies I've ever seen.  Like, SERIOUSLY.  It was THAT bad.

I finished up Game of Thrones and thought it sucked.  I was hoping the finale would be KNOCK MY SOCKS OFF AMAZING and then I'd just be bummed that the rest of the season was a waste of time, but the finale wasn't even that good.  What's going on? I will say that the scene where Marcella says she knows Jamie is her dad and that she loves him and then SPOILERS broke my heart.  BROKE MY HEART!!! I was so happy!!! Then so sad!!! That obviously wasn't in the books, but I thought it was a fabulous edition.

My Outlander obsession fizzled out a little for me, I've still got the final two episodes waiting in the queue. Oops.  Nick and I are still itching to start up an episode of Breaking Bad every night- that show is honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen.  I always say that after it ends, Walking Dead will go down as the best show ever created, but I dunno, Breaking Bad is pretty amazing.  Poor Jesse!!! Poor Hank!!! Poor Marie!!! And why is she obsessed with purple?!?! Don't tell me.  We're about halfway thru season four.  I hate for it to end, so I want to stretch it out, but at the same time we can't stretch it out because MUST WATCH BREAKING BAD ALL THE TIME.
Still makes me lol
Still obsessed with Supernatural, but during my sewing time lately I've been watching Orange is the New Black, which is great, as always.  Suzanne!!! The Time Hump Chronicles!! Boo!!! The meth heads!! Tastee!!! This season is just as great as the first two, it's just perfect.  LOVE.

I'm halfway thru The Affair and loving that too.  I didn't realize we were dealing with an unreliable narrator situation, and now that I know, I can't decide who I believe.  I want to believe Allison because I feel like Noah is more than a little gross, but she was Alice in Luther and I just can't trust her.  I need to watch the next one because I'm dying to know what murder they're talking about in the flash forward thingies.  DON'T TELL ME!! And how far in the future are these interviews? DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING!!!

Listening To: Well, as expected, I don't like the new Mumford&Sons album.  Actually, I don't even 'not like' it. I'm almost completely indifferent to it.  It's all right, I guess, it's just not them.  However, the new Monsters and Men album? Thumbs up emoji.  And that one where it's making the okay sign with the thumb and pointer finger.  That's my favorite emoji.  The new Monsters and Men sounds EXACTLY like them, only better.  Which I wouldn't have thought possible.
Those drums!!!

In other listening news, I should probably be ashamed of the fact that I listen to Supernatural inspired playlists all day.  As in Kansas and Journey and Boston and REO Speedwagon.  Although Dean makes fun of that REO Speedwagon song, but whatevs.  I heart them.  Regardless, I'm not ashamed.  My kids are sort of embarrassed though.

Phew.  As always, these posts make me feel like I watch too much tv.  I just love tv!!! And in the WEIRDEST chain of events, knitting has connected me with random nerdy weirdos and now I'm dying to watch Firefly, which I've barely even heard of but all the geeky hipster knitters on IG seem to love.  So that's not very helpful.  Or it's extremely helpful.  I guess it's how you look at it?

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  1. I haven't seen any of theses shows! Is that sad?! Bad?! I read OITNB & Game of Thrones is on my To Read list.
    I watch TV, but it's almost exclusively ESPN or some other sports event. I do watch some Bravo when my kids give me a freakin moment alone!
    BTW...I wish you well camping! I super dislike least there's reading!

  2. You go to the movies alone? I haven't done that in...ages. Well, I should have for Jurassic World because I LOVE Jurassic Park. I used to the last place we lived, kind of scared to do that here. Loved OITNB season and recently rewatched all 3 seasons (I'm out of shows and struggling). I should go back and start Breaking Bad again since that was fantastic! LOVED the finale to that one. And MadMen, that was a great show, but I already watched back through those seasons too. I'm really running out of stuff. And I agree with April from Parks and Rec, I hate camping!