Monday, June 29, 2015

What Will I Do?

So. After having babies and babies and babies and babies, this autumn my last baby will start full time school.

I cannot fucking believe it.

After two weeks of taster sessions and half days and soft starts and all such nonsense, on September 21, 2015, I will drop all four of my children off at various schools and be completely alone from 0900-1515.

That's like six hours.

What the hell am I going to do all day?

If Megan hadn't left, I'd just either lay on her couch or follow her to costa and we'd read or watch tv or go shopping. But she did leave, and I'm alone with no job, no hobbies, and few friends.  So what do I do with my newfound and hard-fought freedom?

Maybe I'll be like those people on Biggest Loser who work out for six hours a day? I could lose the extra thirty (thirty? really? yes, really) pounds I've been wanting to lose since I had Warren? Probably not. Working out is really hard.

Maybe I'll clean the house all day? Stay on top of the laundry? Yeah, probably not gonna do that.  That doesn't sound like me AT ALL.

I like to cook, maybe I can cook all day? Like gourmet Julia Child type meals?  That could get boring, but it might be fun?  Sounds a little expensive.
I do know that's not Julia Child

I really like to read, and the library has free books, maybe I'll read all day? That sounds more my speed.

And I really REALLY like to watch tv, maybe I'll just lay on the couch all day and watch tv? Is there really that much tv out there worth watching? I'm thinking no. But hey, I'll just bookmark this for later...although I've already watched most of these...ugh...

 Google to the rescue!! I haven't seen most of these.  Good ole google, she never lets me down.

I'm sort of out of friends to make quilts for, and making them for myself will get pretty expensive...

So, what then? What do I do all day? I'm not being a smart ass or looking for another meme (although I do love a good meme) I'm looking for suggestions.


  1. You could hang out on my couch! I'll have 2 kids in school come Sept but I'll still have the baby at home. I'm always on the lookout for more TV shows to watch but have already started or deserted or finished most of the shows on those two lists (I like TV!). Plus if you do t-shirt quilts I could use one of those :)

    1. Deal!! I'll be there on the 21st, hope you've got extra diet coke ;)

    2. Done! I'll stock up on Diet Cokes :)

  2. Am I a bad mom for feeling SO JEALOUS of you? I love my kid but these are some long-ass days...

    1. Um, no. I say this all the time: babies suck. Kids suck. They're the WORST. Having them gone all day is AWESOME. You'll get there. One day. Sucka!!!