Monday, July 13, 2015

Day in the Life

Yes.  I'm one of those mommy bloggers.

Cast: Me, a few months into being 33, Nicholas 37, Ava 9.5, Scott 8, Warren 6, and Daisy June is about halfway thru being 4.  We are old. This was Monday, July 6, 2015.

0455: First alarm goes off. Confuses me, even though it goes off every weekday.  I paw at my phone until the noise stops.

0500: Second alarm.  Ugh.  I wake up this time, but don't manage to make it out of the bed.  Play on IG and pinterest, nod off a few more times and wake up each time the phone hits my face.

0520: Up for real.  Get dressed, make water, exercise in the living room.  Right now, I'm doing the Booty Boot Camp and I sort of like it, it's not my favorite routine.  It's only three days a week, you're supposed to do your own workouts on Tuesday and Thursday, but a lot of times I just skip those.  That can't be good. Today's routine is 44 minutes and I want to die long before it's over.

0545: The girls are awake.  Gross.  Ava sits in the glider to write something, but Daisy lays on the couch so she can run commentary for me.  "Mama, she doesn't look like you."  "You're not doing it like she's doing it." "Her leg is WAAAAY higher than yours." "You don't jump high like she does."

Thanks Dais.

0615-0655: Dead on the floor, but I get my beloved screen, so hooray for me. Nick is down from his workout and the boys are thundering on the stairs, so I make another water and head up for my shower.  I hate water so much. Shower, lotion up, (sooooo itchy!!! This pollen is ruining my life!!!) make the bed, (my house is always a wreck, but I love having the bed made. Isn't that weird?) don my trusty yoga pants and a chambray popover, then head downstairs to join the crying and fighting.

0700: Kiss Nick goodbye, even though he informs me that International Kissing Day is over and I should have taken more advantage Monday.

0700-0730: Eat the eggs Nick makes me every day (be jealous ladies.  Be very jealous) and drink my first cup of coffee.  Scroll IG.  Daisy is walking around crying bc I won't let her play on the phone.  She paints a picture, then crumbles it up and says she hates me.  Everyone is already dressed (they're always up early, but today they got up even EARLIER) and has brushed teeth (I'm calling bullshit) and thrown their laundry down.  I'm not sure how that one started, but that's what we do: they throw their laundry bags over the bannister and I collect it from the hallway floor.  What?!?! I load the dishwasher and wipe up the counters.  The cuckoo clock signals the start of Kindle time, they all cheer and grab their shit and race to the couch.

I'm raising lazy sloths.  But it keeps them quiet, so I don't have the heart to make a no kindle in the morning rule.
0730-0810: Iron some labels into Dub's new trousers.  He apparently shot up eight inches overnight, none of this clothes fit.  Since I'm already at the board, I press and trim threads on my latest salvaged-material project bag.  Isn't that bird to DIE for?!?! I now have more bags than anyone could ever need or use, so if anyone wants one, shoot me an email.  I'll give you a good deal ;) Start first two loads of laundry, play on my phone, dry my hair, add mascara.

0815-0910: School run!! I actually really enjoy this hour.  The kids are contained, the boys entertain each other while I talk to Ava, I get to listen to fun music, drink hot coffee...what's not to love? Ava just hops out of the car and walks in on her own, but I have to park and walk the boys and baby in.  It's a LOT less fun without Megan.  I try to make small talk with this dad, but it's just awkward without her there as a buffer and I'm pretty sure we're both beyond relieved when someone blows the whistle.  After I walk Warren in, I sit in the car and read for ten minutes while I wait for traffic to clear.  Traffic's indescribable. I know it's not as bad as like DC or even Norfolk, but it's just WEIRD.  It's always two lanes of traffic trying to fit into one lane that's open.  It's not going to work, people!!! Yet they continue to try it.  Every fucking day.  So I read.  And this book is SOOOO GOOD!!!

0915-1000: Ahhh, home.  House to myself.  Swap out the laundry. Grab third cup of coffee, this one iced- even though it's not at ALL summer out there today, we're gonna fake it till we make it- then sit at the computer. Work on my to-do list. I like to make the lists a LOT more than I like doing anything on it. I don't really have ANYTHING going on, so it's all cleaning and bullshit like that anyway.  BORING.  Quit that to shop for some stuff I pinned from Pop Up Princess to make for camping.  Last weekend, I didn't bring shower stuff bc I assumed that camping showers would be gross and awful, but everyone else was using them, and they were actually REALLY nice.  And in just two days I got REALLY gross.  So at the end of the month, we're going for four nights, so I'm going to have to shower at some point.  Besides, nothing makes a not-very-exciting-activity more exciting than shopping, amiright?!?! Head to Southern Fabric to make sure I still love the fabric I ordered last night.  I'm making quilts for Holly's twins!!! SQUEEEEEE!!! I still love both collections, but it's making me slightly uncomfortable that I can't decide which one I like better.  Maybe need to slow down on the coffee?

1000-1040: Drag myself away from the computer, wishing I could just play all day.  Sweep under the breakfast bar and the hallway- for four children who do nothing but play kindle, they sure do track in a lot of dirt and grass.  What's that about? Bring all the upstairs shit laying around the house up, bring all the downstairs shit down.  Why can't people put stuff away? Or at least on the proper level of the house? I do the whole "one chore a day" instead of ever cleaning the entire house, and today is dusting.  Not my fave, but I knock it out pretty quickly, all things considered.  I love the smell of pledge.

Change the nursery sheets bc we might have an overnight guest tonight, cry for a few minutes because there's no longer a crib in the nursery, and there never will be again.  Then I think about this day (and dozens more just like it) and remembered that I hate babies, so I got over it quickly.

1040-1120: Watch the Alison part of the second to last episode of The Affair.  I am just about fed up with this show.  It was so good at the beginning, and now it's just boring and they're both gross awful people who sort of make me want to vomit.  But I've already invested so much time in it, I have to watch the finale.  Because I am a loser.

Fold first load of laundry and knit while watching. I hate laundry.

1130-1300: Go pick up Daisy, who is all smiles even though she was crying when I dropped her off.  Of course.  We clean out the car (she just sits there while I collect seven thousand gogurt wrappers and six different chambray button downs that I use as cardigans and countless empty crystal lite packets) then head in for lunch.  Mac and cheese and buttered toast for her, bagel for me.  We're apparently carbo loading.  I chug another two liters of gross water.  Water sucks. But I aim for five liters a day and I like to have four done before I have my cherry coke zero, so chugging it is.  So gross.  Get the dishwasher started for the first load of the day (it's really really small so we have to run it twice a day, which certainly can't be good for the power bill?), tidy up from lunch.  Daisy paints for a few minutes while I do all this boring stuff, then she cuddles with me on the couch. Watch an episode of Mr. Maker then it's upstairs for naps and to put away the first basket of clothes.  Have I mentioned my distaste for laundry?

1300-1445: PARTY TIME!!! Pop open my Cherry Coke Zero, watch the Noah part of The Affair, fold more laundry, finish the FLK heel on my new sock.  Tidy up the living room while watching that stupid show. Text with Angela and Holly, layout some more plusses on the quilt that I am not at all excited to work on.  It's for me, which means no one else is paying for it, which means I haven't ordered the backing or binding for it, so what's the point in making the top? Wish it was sunny so I could go lay out, but it's just gross and almost raining.  Watch an episode of The Middle while I play on the computer. Nap time is my favorite time of the day.  I don't know why it's different than the morning time, but I just love it.

1450-1545: Wake up Daisy, she's in a good mood.  It's fifty fifty these days.  Load her up, grab some snacks, head to the boys' school.  We have to go early (they don't get out till 1515) because the street shares parking with another school and it's AWFUL to try to find a spot.  We get a fab one today, though, so Daisy plays minecraft while I read some more, then we head in a get them.  Give them snacks while we wait for traffic to clear, explain that we can't go to the park because it's drizzling, but mostly I just don't want to.  Head home and feed them more.

1600-1800: The lost part of my day.  Every day.  It's like a black hole. Nick gets home with Ava at about quarter after four, I'm still feeding the rest of the kids at the breakfast bar.  They eat so much!! They're not allowed on the computer or kindles until after dinner, so the boys head upstairs to play lego and the alternate between painting, changing her clothes ten times, and crying (Daisy) and bossing everyone around (Ava).

I chat with Nick, have a cup of tea to try to perk up, and play on the computer.  I can't even remember what I was looking at, but it wasn't productive.  Nothing I do during the afternoons is productive!! It's so weird.  We're having stuffed shells for dinner, which is Ava's favorite, so I start browning the meat and getting everything together so she can cook for us. We loosely follow this super simple recipe, if you're looking for inspiration.  It is Ava's FAVORITE food.

1800-1845: Nick does baths while I clean the kitchen and get the dishwasher started.  I actually enjoy this part- I have my trusty Killers Mumford Lumineers playlist that I can blast as loudly as I want bc everyone else is upstairs.  Sweep the kitchen for the last time of the day!!! The kids are supposed to tidy up their bedrooms and the playroom right now too, but we're all exhausted and no one wants to fuss about it, so we pretend the mess is invisible and pile onto the couch for kindles and computers and Inspector Gadget.

1930: Fight to get Scott to read to us, he refuses, so Warren reads me the longest Biff and Chip and Kipper book he's ever had.  Groan. I know reading is important but I cannot STAND these books!!! I swear to God, it takes nine hours to get thru it.  Kisses and bed!!!! I wash my face (bc I won't do it if I wait till I go to bed- that's how lazy I am!!!) and change into jammies then head downstairs.

2000-2115: Nick makes tea and we get settled on the couch.  We watch Breaking Bad and an episode of Frasier while I fold the fourth (and final!!!) load of clothes for the day and then work on my sock.  He plays on his phone during Frasier, but man I love that show.  I laugh out loud the entire way thru, as always.  It was the one where it's New Year's Eve for 2000 and Frasier and Niles and Martin all take the Winnebago to try to make it to CA.  Hilarity ensues.

2115: That's it!! We both countdown the minutes, we somehow decided that nine fifteen is an okay time to go to bed, but nine or even nine ten is too early and would make us losers.  So we wait till nine fifteen and practically race to the bed. I sneak into the kids' rooms to put away all the laundry.  Gag me.  Nick is asleep almost immediately (he gets up at like 0400 or some bullshit to work out for reals) but I read with my trusty head torch for a while, then give IG and pinterest one last lookyloo before I start playing free cell on my phone.  It's like Pavlov's dogs, a few hands in and I'm dropping my phone on my face falling asleep.  I can't remember the last time I was awake past ten after ten.

0455: Seriously, is that my alarm? God, I'm so glad I don't have babies waking me up all night.  But seriously, it's too early.  SNOOZE bitch.

Thoughts: Wish I'd taken more pics, but it is what it is.  All in all, my life is pretty rad.  I really like that I've got playlists for each part of my day.  Normal people probably wouldn't like the repetitiveness, but I like knowing that when I hear Fancy, I'm most likely making Daisy lunch.  I really do hate laundry.  I never want to leave England.  I need to figure out what's going on from four to six.  I need more hobbies or friends or something, surely it's not good to watch this much tv in a day.  Man though, I sure do love tv.  Glad I did this.


  1. The Holly that you're that Holly from Weathering The Storm? If it is I miss her blog!! Is she having twins...or had twins? So that makes 8 kids? Oh my, I wish she was still blogging. Even just another update. If it's the same Holly please tell her Tarheelmom asked about her!!! Ha ha
    Okay. That might be the weirdest comment if ever left anyone!

    1. That's Holly! She is having twins, two little girls due the beginning of December, end of November area. I've tried to get her back into blogging- she ain't havin it.

    2. Oh My Goodness! That is so exciting! I cannot believe it! wonder she isn't blogging! She's a bit busy. I'm jealous that you actually know her in like real life. I just think she's freakin' awesome and I only know her through blogland. Oh I wish she would blog again, but I can toootally understand.

  2. You're going to be so glad you wrote this down, this being the longest shortest time and all that. A beautiful whirlwind!

  3. Love the quilt colors and design. I'd have a hard time deciding between those collections as well. Oh, and I have to note that water is my best friend - it's always at my side so I had to laugh at how you hate it so.

    1. Water is the WORST. Groan. And I don't really HAVE to pick, I'm making two quilts!! Win win. The hard part is going to be giving BOTH of them away ;)