Monday, July 27, 2015

Disney 2008

*We went camping again last weekend. I don't know if I'm ever going to recover.  EVER*

So the last project on my list of converting half finished physical scrapbooks into computer versions that are actually DONE was our 2008 Disney trip.  I pitched the physical album when we moved here, but haven't had the chance to get started on the digital version until now. 

It was the summer I got out of the Navy.  Scott had just turned one the previous April, and Ava was two and a half. 

My mom went with us. I have to be honest...I don't remember much of this trip.  I remember it was fun, but I don't remember the logistics. Where did we stay? How did we get there? How long were we there? The pics are all called like DSC10097 instead of the date and time, so I can't even cheat.

The kids are almost NEVER looking at the camera.  One and two year olds just don't understand how important memories of their first Disney trip are!!! THESE ARE MEMORIES PEOPLE!!! If it didn't happen on IG, it didn't happen!!

I do remember our matching shirts.  I'd like to pretend I'm cringing at the idea, but I can't- I still think it's badass.  I found little boys Hawaiian shirts at Old Navy and just happened to see the men's version on my way to the register, so I snapped them up.  Still think we were rad.

I used these papers from The Lilypad.  I bought them to do my One Little Word album this year...but then I quit that.  So there you go. The alphas are a retired set called Cartoon Block by Just Jamie and I LOOOOVE them.  They're distressed outlines, but they're super easy to select the middle and fill it under with white.  LOVE those alphas, seriously.

I got the project life style templates from this shop, then I stretched them to fit the 12x8 page I wanted. Font is All the Cool Chicks by Darcy Baldwin.

And then, bc it's cheaper to add pages to an already existing book than to have two separate books, I'm going to figure out a way to end on this pic and then start into our Disney 2010 trip.  That way they're in the same book and I'm DONE with this project. I used different papers and a different font, but I think it's cohesive enough that it won't be too awful, and it'll be nice for Warren to get to see some with himself. He gets so sad looking thru books of just Ava and Scott.  Weirdo.
Plus how cute is tiny little baby Ava? Also, fun fact- we took home a super sweet souvenir from Disney World- Warren.  Crying from laughing emoji.

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