Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Five (errr, Seven...) Images of Summer

When I was younger, we had a boat.  Well I guess we had more than one.  The first one was sort of a mustard yellow, then we upgraded to a regular white and blue one.

We're not talking yachts here.  Obviously.  We're talking small boats that fit our family of five and a pair of skis.  We lived on the Back Bay in Biloxi and there was a boat dock in the neighborhood, and whenever my dad was home (he works week-on week-off on oil rigs) we would take the boat out.  Putt around the river (was it a river? Just a bay? I have no idea) drinking diet Coke and taking turns skiing.  Sometimes we'd land at a beach (sandbar?) and set up lawn chairs to read books.

It was sort of awesome.  I know I enjoyed it at the time, but I feel like, with hindsight and whatever, I love it even more now.

Nick and I had a small boat when we first got married, but I have no idea what happened to it.  I would imagine we sold it, but why? We always live by the water.  Something to do with submarines, you know?
this isn't even our boat. why did i never take pictures?!?!

I don't have a picture of Past Jenn and her family on that boat, skiing away the summers.  I don't know what my point is.  Water, that's my point.  I guess I associate summer with water? Here, let's use this iconic beach family self timer shot.  You really nailed it, Nikki.

The idea of get stationed somewhere like Nebraska is my worst nightmare.  I guess maybe they have lakes? Rivers? Who knows.  My heart is racing just thinking about being boxed in on all sides by more land.  I need WATER. I just have to have it.  We have to live on the coasts, and that's just all there is to it.

Although I think this picture is from Auburn (???) which isn't on a coast, and look, they still have water.
When was this? Surely Auburn doesn't have a waterfall...Look at how skinny and fabulous Past Jenn is!!! I DIE.

London isn't on any sort of coast, right? I don't even know.  There's a river. But in our subarbs, at least, there's lots of water.  Lidos, they're called.  Plus the aquadrome.  Plus England is a tiny island and we can, in a bind, just load up and drive to the coast.

The freezing, rocky coast.

My dream would be to live in Cornwall, except that the water is waaaaaay down below the land.  And I've proven time and again that I'm just too fat for hiking.

Maybe lose some weight?


Maybe we're starting new summer traditions? I'm still not on board with this whole 'camping' business, but maybe one day Future Ava will be writing about a perfect image of summer and it will revolve around camping?

Hopefully time will erase the image of her giant manatee mother falling into the mud while trying to get down to the beach.  I got road rash on calf and it REALLY hurts. She wasn't very symathetic.  In fact, her exact words were: SEE?!?! I knew you would fall!!! I've always been worried that Scott would grow up to be a serial killer, but maybe I should have been keeping an eye on Ava.  Empathy, Ava.  That's what sets regular assholes apart from serial killers.

I wouldn't mind warm summers, but I don't wanna make the deal with the devil and end up with Biloxi summers.  A hundred a fifty billion degrees is too hot.  I'll just order a new sweatshirt and get the kids thicker towels.

So there you go.  This post sort of got away from me.  Blushing emoji.  I started with Mama Kat's prompt numero tres What five images paint a perfect picture of summer to you?  Put those five images together in a piece of writing. Was I supposed to use words to paint the picture? I went with actual pictures...hmm...

I started with wanting to talk about how it felt when I was little, going out on the water with my parents, but the words just didn't work. Maybe it's just all about water? Have you heard this song? Love it. Minus the part about the wet teeshirt contest, that's just tacky.

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  1. That so would have been my mom "See I told you would have fell!" Then would have put a dirty sock on it or something because she never carried bandaids. Man the 80's were the best.
    Love the pictures!!

    1. Thanks! I used a dirty beach towel to clean it up, bc who really carries bandaids?

  2. What a wonderful Summer! My husband and I both associate Summer and water together. We are trying to buy a little boat ourselves. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading! I hope you can get a boat soon, I really do love remembering being out on it as a girl.

  3. I grew up right up the road from a lake (Montreal is an island, after all) so I've always had a soft spot for any place near water. Those are great pictures and memories.

    Yes, you should keep an eye on your little serial killer, lol ;)

    1. I'm starting to think a lake might be a fine substitute for the ocean, in a pinch ;)

  4. I have a great need to be around water too. It's just so.... cleansing. I get it.

    Wonderful photos!

    1. Thanks!! And yes, water is just THE BEST.

  5. Days spent around water are the best in the summer time! And I agree, I don't want it too too hot!