Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Favorites: Things I Found on Pinterest...

...that I'd die for but I'm actually too cheap to buy...
Let's start with two random screenshots from my phone.  Megan sent these to me because she knows me SO WELL, but like I said, they're random screen shots, so I have no links to offer.  Frowny face emoji.

Can't you just hear like Loki being all "seriously, off you fuck!!!"? I totally can.

Then there are these little gems...
Don't both of those seem perfect for me? Although honestly, I don't need the notebook.  I remember everyone I want to punch in the face.  You'd think it's too many people to remember, but you'd be wrong.  It's like a steel trap up there.  That bracelet is from a buzzfeed list with a lot of cool stuff if you're bored.

I first saw all these shirts here at Cup of Jo but there's a lot of other cute and funny ones here.

I think the step aside coffee phrase is the best one, but I would straight up DIE for the Harvard Law (Just Kidding) one.  These all remind me of the Yes, I'm Pregnant.  Again. shirt I had with Daisy.  Remember that one?

I feel like as a mother of daughters, I should have all these posters.  Ava tells me all the time that she doesn't want to just stay at home all day like me, she wants to have a job.  Have fun with that baby. But maybe if you invent xrays, wear one of those lead aprons?
Jokes aside, I did used to work, and I never planned to stay home, but I like it now (that's a whole nother post for a whole nother day) but I certainly hope that if she wants to be a scientist or an astronaut or even work with radioactive waste, she goes for it. And I guess if being her motivation by default of her NOT wanting to be like me, that's fine.

And then, just because I like pretty things, these cups.
Who is spending that kind of money on CUPS?!?! And can we be friends before next Christmas?

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