Monday, July 20, 2015

Nine Things I'd Rather Be Doing Today

I'm having a writing blocking funk or something, so I found an old prompt list from Mama Kat and decided to give it a go.  The prompt for today was "List 9 things you'd rather be doing today." I'm gonna treat this as a free-write sort of thang.

1. I'd rather be laying out somewhere warm and sunny with a good book.  I'm sick to death of the rain (yes, I know it's London, but still!!) and the book I'm reading is good not great, so that's that.

2. I'd rather be watching a fabulous movie.  We rented Ex Machina this weekend (amazing) and I went and saw Terminator last night (critics are crackheads- that movie was RAD) but remember like the first time you saw Goonies? And it was so good, and it's always good, but it'll NEVER be the same as the very first time you watched it.  I want to magically watch it again for the very first time.  Along those lines, I'd like to magically read the Harry Potters for the first time again too.  Please and thankyou.

3. I'd rather not be getting ready to go pick up the boys.  I love year round school, don't get me wrong, I just wish their schedules lined up better with Ava's.  She's been out since the tenth, and going from being one of four children to one of just one is not working out well for her at all.  She's bored and lonely and moody and then when they FINALLY get home to play with her, she's a total brat and just fights with them until bedtime.  FUN STUFF.

4. I'd rather be finding my favorite Castiel stitch marker that stupid Daisy stole and then LOST than having to buy a replacement.  The lady knows I'm in a bind, so she's charging me a few bucks for the marker, and the same price for shipping!!! It's highway robbery!! But at the same time, what, she's just supposed to give me one for free because my stupid sticky kids can't keep their hands to themselves? Ugh.  My life is hard.

5. I'd rather be super skinny but still able to eat crapola.  And feel good.  I want to eat a bunch of crap, have an amazing body, and feel like I eat nothing but vegetables and boiled chicken breasts.

6. I'd rather Nick didn't have to work, but he still got paid.  Then we could watch tv together all day and make out on the couch and the kids would all be at school and not bothering me at all.

7. I'd rather Megan and Samantha still lived here.  There was this lady talking to David today with her back to me as I walked up, and she had shoulder length, thick black hair, and even though I knew it wasn't her, I just knew it was Megan!! And then I got there and (duh) it wasn't her. Because she's in Hawaii with MY sunshine.  And Samantha is so busy living her real life that she doesn't text me all hours of the day.  Lame.

8. I'd rather these two righteous babes lived in London.  Enough said.

9. I'd rather not do this anymore because despite my friends all abandoning me and the fact that the stupid sun REFUSES to come out and the idea that maybe I've already seen all the good movies ever, my life is pretty badass and I'd rather ditch this computer and go bug Nick.

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