Monday, July 6, 2015

Stream of Consciousness

-My husband insists on calling my (extremely stylish and on point with the times) DENIM jacket a JEAN jacket, which irks me to no end. It's not a jean jacket!! It's cool!!! But I can't bitch about it bc I'm scared that if he finds out how much it bothers me (A LOT), he will, like a small child, do it even more. Ugh. 

-We went camping again.  We go camping now, camping is cool.  Except it's sort of boring.  And the kids get SOOOOO dirty.  But they seem to like it? And I guess Nick likes it? I read about half of Good Girl, so that was cool.  And I finished a pair of socks and cast on another one.  He's already booked another camping trip.  Because we go camping now.  
Daisy knows what makes a good camping trip ;)

-My new thing appears to be taking apart things I've sewn in the past (bags that ended up wonky, for the most part) so that I can use the fabric to sew new things (bags that end up wonky, for the most part.) Why am I doing this? I can't quite figure it out.  I guess the obvious answer would be 'to save money' but I get like AT MOST a third a yard of fabric after I take something apart.  And most fabric is ten bucks a yard.  So I'm saving three bucks? I guess three bucks saved is three bucks earned...but it's a lot of work.  Good thing I'm pretty bored. 

-Ava's last day is Friday.  Her last day in year four.  That's third grade to those of you across the pond ;) Next year, her teacher is a man.  I know men can be teachers and there's nothing wrong with that blah blah blah but c'mon, it's weird.  It's an all girls school!! Doesn't he get sick of being surrounded by girls all the time?!?!
-In my neverending cycle of buying lipstick and never wearing any makeup at all, I picked this up on base a few weeks ago and I all caps LOVE it.  It's revlon, so it's like what, eight bucks? Compared to my favorite brand, which is the tarte matte lip tints, at twenty four.  And if I'm honest, I like the way the tarte feels and wears a tad better, but I've tried almost every color, and I love the revlon in 001 honey more than ALL the tarte colors combined.  It's not pink but it's not brown or red or plum or raisin- it's just the perfect shade of...something.  The tube is pretty pink, but don't let that deceive you.  It's barely noticible, but I can notice if I'm wearing it versus wearing nothing, if that makes sense.  Here, lemme take an awkward selfie in the car mirror.  Why am I holding the keys up so close to my face?!?! I guess it really doesn't look like I'm wearing anything.  Whatever. It's awesome.  You're just going to have to trust me on this. 
Why am I wearing my purse?!?! Did I drive like that?

-The new apple music thingie is sort of growing on me.  It's certainly not as easy to use as spotify, but maybe I can get the hang of it? And their radio is better than spotify.  It's going to take me months to copy my spotify playlists into apple.  Ugh.  Why can't we just stick with spotify?!?! In other apple news, we saw this dude on the walk back from Elphaba talking on his apple watch.  Do you have any idea how absolutely fucking ridiculous this guy looked? He was TALKING into his WATCH!!! And then holding it to his ear to like listen to the other person!!! I thought we were being punked.  I didn't even know you could talk on those things!!! What a fucking tool. I sort of hope that guy gets beat up and someone steals his stupid fucking apple watch.  AND, to round it off, I'm pretty sure our apple TV downstairs has self destructed in an attempt to force us to buy another one.  But you know what? BUY ANOTHER FUCKING ONE WE WILL, because we are addicted and cannot live without it.  YOU WIN APPLE.  As usual.  Never before have I loved something as much as I've loathed it.  DAMN YOU APPLE.  I'll never quit you though.  


  1. love these posts most of all.
    and also, who's the teenager in the first pic. O.O

    1. You mean that girl with the bleached hair and two inch roots?