Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Shower Toiletries Lanyard

I first saw this on pinterest (of course I did) and found a fabulous tutorial and copied it.  I won't go into too much detail here bc I feel like I've been typing all damn day, but I followed hers (almost) to the tee and it worked fine. I will say that she recommends closing the lanyard with velcro so you can open it up to loop over like a towel rod- I didn't do this and already wish I had.

Also, I couldn't reach my tape measure without getting up, so I used the remote to space my D rings.  I'm not a stickler for accuracy.

Basically, take a yard of inch wide webbing, secure a swivel clip at the center.  Draw some lines or guesstimate inch spaces, then secure your D rings at the inch marks, going opposite directions.  So slid one down to the swivel clip stitch line, then stitch your line and inch above.  Slide the next one down to that stitch line, facing the other way, and stitch another inch up.  And so on and so forth.

Then attach the ends together.  Again, I recommend using velcro so it opens up, but this did work fine for us. Easy peasy, this took ten minutes max.

Then fill your bottles, attach them with your pretend mountain climber clip thingies, slide on your shower shoes, and go take a shower at the campsite without having to set all your tiny Ikea toiletry bottles down on the shared-drain floor. BARF.

Here's my supply list. I got it all in the UK bc I was on a time crunch, I'm sure you can find it all on amazon US as well.  Webbing (they're out of pink?!?!), D clipsswivel clip (this one was huge, I had a smaller one laying around that I used and liked much better for mine <mine is the pink one> but Nick didn't complain about his) bottles, and the mountain climbing clippie thingies.

You can also just buy one here.  But where's the fun in THAT?

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