Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Break

Summer break is sort of kicking my ass.

I love year round school.  It's perfect for Scott, just when he starts getting fed up with going to school, bam! Time for a break.  For the most part, both schools we go to do six weeks on, one week off, six weeks on, two weeks off, repeat three times, then we get the entire month of August off.  It just works extremely well for me.

Last summer, of course, as soon as school let out, we set off on the Great European Driving Vacation of Two Thousand and Fourteen, so there wasn't a break.  Period.  This year, the boys and Daisy got out two weeks ago, we immediately took off to go camping, then we had all of last week at home, plus most of this week, then we're leaving for Greece on Friday.  As soon as we get back, Grandma Jane will be here, then right when she leaves, we go back to school.

So it's hard to bother with getting into a routine since it will end up being less than two weeks straight that I'm at home with all those hooligans.

So instead, I sleep in while they watch tv and try to kill each other, then I come down to drink coffee and watch HGTV on netflix until they run out of time on their kindles.

The house is a wreck.  They're CONSTANTLY fighting.  They all smell awful bc I can't remember when if they had a bath last night so I usually skip it, then forget that I skipped it and skip the next one too. Warren just smells awful all the time.  Even when he first gets out of the shower. He's like that dude from Charlie Brown.

I do make them go outside, sometimes, but it's been super cold and dreary and just blah. I tried taking all of them to the library but that was a bust- they fight too much.  Why do they hate each other?

I've been knitting and sewing a lot, but mostly, I just lay around watching Buying&Selling.  There's only twenty six episodes, so that's gonna be a problem shortly.

I haven't even been reading.  I don't know why, I'm super excited about the books I have.  I just don't feel like it, I'd rather knit or play on pinterest.

I don't really have a point.  I just wanted to barricade myself in the office for a few minutes. Naturally, as soon as I leave the living room, the fighting stops.  It's all giggles in there now, but as soon as I walk back in, it'll be punching and kicking and pulling hair.  It's not each other they hate, it's me!

And the food.  How can they eat SO MUCH? I don't understand.  I'm almost two hundred pounds and I swear to God, I don't eat HALF the food that one of them eats, and the heaviest one can't be more than forty five pounds.  What the hell is that?

Literally. By the time I'm done cleaning up after a snack, they want another one.  Short of roasting an entire chicken, I don't know what to stick down their gullets to get them to shut up about being hungry.

Plus, laundry? They wear their pajamas all day, yet I'm still doing my typical four loads a day? What the fuck? How is that mathematically possible?
 I hate everything. I realize this post has absolutely no point.  Whatever. I'm just trying to kill time until we leave for Greece.  Which I have still done ZERO planning for.


  1. This post is the best! amen on the fighting all the time! amen on the eating all the time! (where DO they put it?) & amen on all the laundry all the time! Ugh! Kids are a pain.

  2. why do they fight all the time? ugh.