Monday, August 31, 2015

What I'm Into (August 2015)

I like to start with books to try to convince myself that I really do do more than lay around watching tv.  But yall, I just REALLY love tv!! But I love reading too.  That's gotta count for something.  Right? RIGHT?!?!

So since July's check in, I've been reading...
 Case Histories (loved), The Three and Day Four (loved), another Jack Reacher (loved #jackreacherfanforlife), The Kind Worth Killing (didn't love at all), and Shadow and Bone (meh, I enjoyed it, but it wasn't anything to write home about.)

I just went to the library (a HUGE new one I haven't been to before, but with a truly HORRIFYING parking situation- I will never visit that branch again, sadly) for a big run and in my (overflowing) to-read basket in the hallway is Sound of Broken Glass, Until You're Mine, Death on Demand, Fourth of July Creek, Among Others, and last night I cracked open Broken Monsters. Have I mentioned lately how much I heart eyes emoji libraries?

And, drumroll please, there is FINALLY a copy of Finder's Keepers in the system (although no actual book yet) and I am FIRST in line!!! Take that amazon!! I'll keep my nine ninety nine, thank you very much.  Still no work on Invasion of the Tearling.  Fuckers.

Okay, now on to what I do when I'm not reading- rot my brain with television.  I've been watching more telly than movies, but let's start with movies.  We rented Ex Machina and it was good.  I didn't think it was AS GREAT as I was expecting, but maybe my hopes were too high? I just love that Domhall Gleeson.  Remember About Time? AKA Best Movie of Two Thousand and Fourteen? In fact, he even makes me want to watch this new Star Wars type movie.  And I don't do Star Wars.  THAT'S how much I love him and his ginger hair.

And one night when Nick was gone I watched These Final Hours, and I'm gonna preemptively call it- Best Movie of Two Thousand and Fifteen. What's it about...hmm.  It's in Australia, although that really doesn't mean anything.  A comet or something has already hit the earth and a wave of fire or whatever is taking over the world, like from the top down.  It's not really an apocalypse movie. The point is, they know exactly when it's going to happen, and at the beginning of the movie, they've got like twelve hours or something.  So this dude wants to go to a party and get super high and drunk with his girlfriend so that he doesn't feel it when he catches on fire? But it starts with him and a different girl, who tells him that she's pregnant.

I'm with him, a little- why would you tell me that NOW? But he refuses to stay, and heads out for the party, and that's the only parts where you see a little of the crazy apocalypse- people being assholes and such.  But he sees some dudes about to rape a little girl, and even though he just wants to get to his party, he intervenes and grabs her.

Then, of course, it's all about how he takes care of her and changes.

Does it sound stupid? I feel like I'm making it sound stupid, but it's SO good.  I was straight up weeping by the end.  Just a sort of spoiler- this isn't Armageddon, no one is trying to save the world- the event has already happened.  I just don't want anyone waiting for Bruce Willis to show up and save the day- the world ends.  This is about how one dude spends his final hours.

It was SO GOOD yall.  For reals.  And? That weird girl from Predestination is in it!! I think I love her. It's a small role, but she knocks my socks off.  In fact, I should just make a list and watch everything she's ever done.

Since it's summer, we've been watching movies with the kids after dinner.  We watched Maleficent, which I actually thought was quite good.  And one night we watched Alexander and the Blah Blah Bad Day, and lemme say I LOVED that one.  I thought it was awkward that Jennifer Garner and Michael Scott have ZERO chemistry, but it didn't affect (effect?) how much I loved the movie.  It was funny, sweet, and just all around fantastic.  And all three of the big kids liked it.  Daisy wasn't very interested. What're'ya'gonna'do, right?

And just the other day, we watched Lucy bc it was on and we didn't have anything better to do.  I have no idea what the fuck that movie was about.  Visuals were cool enough, plus Morgan Freeman talked a lot, and that's always a win, but other than that...I have no idea.

Oh, and I went to see Rogue Nation, which was good enough.  I liked Ghost Protocol better bc I felt like Tom Cruise really stepped back and let Hawkeye basically take over the movie, but that doesn't happen in this one.  For me, more Hawkeye is always the way to go.  But this one is mostly Tom.  Oh, there's a lot of Simon Pegg.  Which was nice.  "He's so talented." Name that quote!! Anyway.  It was exactly what you're looking for in a Mission Impossible movie, right?

And for tv, we finally finished Breaking Bad.  It was just as good as EVERYONE ON THE PLANET says it is.  Man, when SK says watch a show- WATCH THE SHOW.  At first, I sort of wished they'd ended at season four, after he blows up the nursing home, but the more I think about it, you gotta do season five, when he truly turns into a fucking psychopath. That scene where they're having a shoot out in the desert (um, yes, don't they do that a lot? you know the one I mean) and he's like "you owe me Jesse Pinkman!" and the guy says "fine, you find him, I'll kill him"- lemme say that EVEN IN THAT MOMENT, I thought that Walt would see reason and something would kick in and he'd protect Jesse.

"Found him."

Ohhhhh, I actually cried.  What the fuck is wrong with that man?!?!?

I don't know that my heart has ever broken for anyone as much as it broke for Jesse Pinkman.

And Landry from FNL!?!?! Watch out Ricky Hitler!! Whoa.  He caught me off guard in the best possible way.

I want to watch them ALL again, like RIGHT NOW.

I've also gotten hooked on Jane the Virgin.  It sounds so stupid, but it's sweet and funny and I love it.  I usually sit down to watch one episode then watch four, so that's how I know I really love it.  And I really do!! I'm about halfway thru, so NO SPOILERS please!!! I'm so torn between Michael and Rafael!!! Something the narrator said makes me think Michael is going to die (please no spoilers, I'm begging you) but then I'll feel even WORSE about her being with Rafael!! Yum.  It's just so great.

Nick and I have been watching The Last Ship and it's fantastic in a cheesy, unreal, fantastic way.  You  are talking to the two people who consider Armageddon on of the best movies EVER, so that's what we're working with here.

And lastly, I've been watching Partners in Crime, a BBC miniseries which I guess is based on an Agatha Christie series.  It's sort of campy and unrealistic, but also fabulous.  I'm easy to please.  It reminds me a lot of Bletchly Circle, but it's not as good. But worth watching if it comes to the states.

I've been working on all the socks, the sweater I'm knitting (it's taking FOREVER bc I'm scared to take it out of the house), the quilts for the twins, and my newest favorite- Minecraft quilts for Melissa's boys!!!

I thought I would hate it, because I am sick TO DEATH of that fucking game, but it's actually super fun and cute.  I've already ordered some fabric to make one for us too.

Phew.  My butt hurts from sitting here so long, so I'm calling it quits.  What have yall been into this summer?

Linking up, as always, with Leigh Kramer. What are ya'll into lately?

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