Friday, September 18, 2015

Finish It Up Friday: Minecraft Creeper Quilt

Well, I am sick TO DEATH of hearing about Minecraft, so it caught me off guard how much fun I had making this quilt, and I gotta say- I love the finished product.

Weird, right?

I used a half yard each of five different Kona greens, but you could probably use any ole greens you fancy.  I used Honey Dew, Grass Green, Basil, Tarragon, and Chartreuse.  And Jet Black. (I was making two quilts so I actually used a smidge over a yard of each. You'd have to do the math and figure it out for yourself, but I got about 56 squares per yard and these quilts used 168 squares total and came out about 52x62)
Then I used my vast knowledge of Creepers (plus Pinterest) and my mad PSE skillZ and drafted a rough grid of how I wanted to lay it out.
But honestly, once I got upstairs, it was just sort of a mishmash on the design wall.  I wanted to make sure I mixed it up nice and good, so I totally nerded out and broke it up by sections and calculated how many of each green squares to do for each section. But creative people could probably just eyeball it and save more than half the stress.

Anyway.  Before I could get it on the wall, I tore my yardage into five inch strips, then cut the strips into five inch squares with my beloved rotary and mat. And since this was an order for someone who actually paid (instead of a gift or for myself) I starched the heck out of the strips before I started cutting.  Then I laid out the top half and chain pieced each row, pressed the rows (I press odd rows down and even rows up, if you're curious.  Even up and odD Down. I dunno.  It works for me) then nestled the rows into each other and sewed them together.  Repeat for the bottom.

Then I had a completed top!!! I found this AMAZING green and black chevron minky for the back- that was when I actually decided that I was going to have a BLAST on these quilts.  It's to DIE for.  And yes, I bought it all.  Seriously.  Sorry. I'm sure you could find it somewhere else if you want it.  Anyway, I basted it on the dining room table while watching the finale of Extant (such a guilty pleasure) with my go-to flannel sheet for batting.  What am I gonna do when we get back to the States and I can't find this? Ugh.

Then it was back upstairs for the quilting!! I actually love this part.  I went 1/4 inch on either side of every green seam with this green thread and then I outlined the inner parts of the eyes and...mouth? Is that his mouth? I outlined that in green then stitched in the ditch with dark grey.  I wanted it to blend it but it doesn't really bc duh I shoulda used black, but I didn't have any.  Sorry Mel.

Trimmed it up and added the binding using this tutorial and I don't want to toot my own horn (yes I do) but this is basically the billionth quilt I've binded this way (bound?) and for the FIRST TIME, I caught ALL the stitches on the first go!!! HOORAY FOR ME!!!


Since I was making two practically identical quilts for two little brothers, we went with two different bindings to maybe help them identify which is which.  This zig zag and this houndstooth were the final verdicts, and I think they both look fabulous.

Tossed it in the wash, trimmed all the threads (why so many threads?!?!) and viola!!! Finished quilt.

LOVE.  I'm already almost done with her second one and I've already ordered enough fabric to make one for my own kids.  Who'd'a'thunk I'd end up loving this so much?!?!

And for good measure, here's the back (draped artfully to hide the DEFECT in the fabric!!! Ugh.  But fabric dot com made it right and the owner says she doesn't, so it is what it is...)

 Honestly, so much fun making this.  Anyone else want one?

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  1. Hi Jenn. This is very cute! Thanks for the tutorial. I forwarded it to my sis to make for her Minecraft fanatic son. Did you use 5" squares?

    1. Yup, five inch squares. It was so fun to make, I just basted a third one! ;)

  2. Love it, I was actually looking at fabric in these colors the other day to do one for my 6 yr. old grandson. I love the backing and binding you used!

    1. Thanks, the backing is my absolute favorite part. It's like it was MADE for a minecraft quilt!!

  3. This is so cool! My son would totally love this, but I'm not gonna lie, I'd love to have one of these myself... :)

    Jeff @