Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Now That They're Gone...

Now that they're gone, first thing I'm gonna do is cry.

They used to be this.

And now they're this.

True, I hated the baby stages, and the toddler stages were so LOUD, but still.  Even the Ice Queen gets a little misty eyed to think they used to live inside my body and now they're out in the world, telling everyone how big my boobies are (Warren) and that sometimes Nick and I take showers together (Daisy.)

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna wash my walls and baseboards.  I didn't even used to know that this was a thing.  Wash the walls? Wash the BASEBOARDS? What even are baseboards? More importantly, what did I think, that the walls would just rid themselves of fingerprints and boogers and food MAGICALLY? Did I think we'd just move? Nick would just paint over it? ENOUGH.  Daisy's first full day is September 21 and I'm washing those fucking walls on the twenty second.  EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM.

Or at least the ones in the hallway.  The downstairs hallway.

Baby steps.
Why not the twenty first, you ask? Because now that they're gone, I'm gonna lay on the couch and watch all three of the last Eleven episodes of Doctor Who, all in a row, and I'm not getting up ONE SINGLE TIME. Not once, I'm telling you!! And that's going down on the twenty first.
Because #priorities.  I figured when netflix added Twelve's first season, that was a sign to just power thru the rest of Eleven (I quit when Amy and Rory left because I sort of hate Clara) but I want those last three to be special.  Here's hoping they're not lame and bumming me out.

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna go spend a day walking around London, all by my lonesome.  My plans include hot coffee, hot tea, a trip to Loop, and going to the Portrait Gallery, and getting reacquainted with my Big Girl Camera. Not sure when I'm gonna do this, but it'll have to be soon before it gets too cold.  #imisshawaiiweather

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna get back into my Me: The Abridged Version class.  I was having so much fun with it, but I set it aside bc I figured that would be a fab project to fill my days with everyone in school and Megan and Samantha gone.  Man, I'm still so bummed they left.  Sigh.
Now that they're gone, I'm gonna revamp our menu plans.  I use Plan to Eat and I love it but I need to weed thru and delete recipes that either suck or I'm just not ever going to do (paleo lasagna? Yeah right) and get a good fall menu rotation going on.  I like to plan five weeks of meals (Sunday-Thursday bc Nick does Friday and Saturday and we do leftovers/cereal on Wednesdays...) and then save that as a menu and repeat it over a few months.  We heart repetition at case de Engelbrecht.  Any recipe suggestions?

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna rent Z for Zachariah.  I just love Chris Pine.  Like, SERIOUSLY love him.  And doesn't that movie look awesome? Totes my kind of story.  Although that girl is WAY too pretty for my liking.  And she's everywhere lately!!

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna get rid of some of my books.  Groan.  I drank the koolaid and read the Magic of Tidying or whatever, and now I'm craving getting rid of everything.  I have quite a few hardcover books that I don't display and won't be reading again, so why am I keeping them? Ugh.  I'm also on the hunt for hardback copies of the Silo saga if any of you come across them in a thrift shop.

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna...find a pic of Ava's first day of year four, I guess...

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna learn how to sew garments.  I know, I KNOW!!! I swore I would never EVER sew clothes.  EVER.  But I can't resist.  So far, I've got this Coco pattern and this Tova tunic type dress.  Yall, PROMISE me that if I look like my mom made my prom dress, you will TELL ME!!!!

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna miss them.  I never in a million years would have thought I'd utter those words.  But I love those little assholes.

Now that they're gone, I'm gonna go google how to have my tubal reversed because I need another baby.

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  1. Your kids are adorable!! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who's not a Clara fan. Amy Pond is hard to follow!

    1. I just watched Eleven's last episode and I straight up cried with he saw both Amelia and Amy. I'm hoping maybe her dynamic changes with Twelve? But I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I'm with you on the catching up on a Series vibe. For me it'll be Downton Abbey. I've only just started watching and everyones telling me it's over! I'm gutted. Your kids are gorgeous. Don't have anymore. The world can't handle so much cuteness.

    1. Well I definitely won't be having anymore! And even though it's the last of Downton Abbey, it's still worth it!! And if you're looking for another fab show to binge, have you tried Call the Midwife? I might like it a *smidge* better than DA. Maybe.

  3. They are SO cute! It's such an amazing feeling when we get to reclaim our days. It's been YEARS right? You'll be surprised at how quickly they go by!

    1. Well I just started the last day of the first week and I've accomplished....nothing. Except watching Doctor Who. That counts, right? RIGHT?!?!