Monday, September 21, 2015

Stream of Consciousness

-My phone is broken.  I got it right after I had Daisy and I have a soft spot for the ole gal.  But I drop it.  A lot.  Nick can replace screens right quick, but we have to wait for it to get here.  And it's not like just cracked, the screen won't work at all.  I can hear it ding! when Angela texts, but other than that, it's a useless black box.

Not having a phone is disconcerting.  I do not like it.  Not the least of which, I can't listen to my Mornings playlist during the school run, which turns that hour into the Hour of Boredom and Death.

-I finally started 'working out' again, but I also can't seem to stop drinking and shoving pumkpin everything with cream cheese frosting into my face hole, so it's more like a one step forward eight steps back sort of situation.

-We're finally having our family pics taken (I loved the ones in Hawaii so much, I've had no desire to book anything else) and my current dilema is this: I wear my glasses 100% of the time now.  So I should wear them for the pictures.  But the idea of wearing glasses for my picture just doesn't feel right.  But then if I wear contacts, I'll be looking at the pics and be all like that's not even what I look like.

The struggle is obviously real.

-Speaking of the struggle, it hit me the other day that we're most likely going to be moving next summer and I have an ENTIRE house full of plants.  What is going to happen to my beloved greenery?!?! I love London with the biggest heart eyes emoji ever, but I think I might even be MORE sad about leaving my plants.  Isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard?

-I have run out of pumpkin cupcakes and am now just eating the frosting with a spoon.

-All the books I requested at the library came in last week AT THE SAME TIME and I don't know what to do.  I'm reading Fourth of July Creek and so far it's sort of meh, but I rarely quit books, and I don't exactly want to quit this one, it's not THAT boring and I think it's about to get good, but I really want to read the other books I have.  If you're dying to know, the books I can remember quitting were The Teleportation Accident and Blue Like Jazz.

-We turned on the radiators last week.  It feels better to say 'we turned on the radiators' than 'we had to crank up the heat before the middle of September because we are absolute pussies who hate to be cold.'

-That's all I've got.  Now I need to go put this bowl of frosting with only one tiny bite left in it back in the fridge and think of how I can blame the kids even though they won't be here all day.

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  1. If I was convinced more family/friends actually read my blog I would do little blips like these since they sound fun! Also, I'm interested in knowing what plants you have growing in your house. I can't seem to keep anything potted alive!