Friday, September 25, 2015

Things I (Would Probably Definitely) Love

Well it's obviously too early (and I'm way too old) to have a Christmas list, so that's NOT what this is.  This is just a few things that I bet I'd really enjoy having.  That way, if I come into a windfall and suddenly have two billion dollars and can't think of a single thing to order, I can pull up this handy dandy post and viola!! All set.

People don't plan to fail, you know.  They FAIL to PLAN.  I don't want to not have a plan!!

First up is this sewing machine.  It's the Juki tl-2010Q and while I've never actually seen one or personally know anyone who has's the one I want.
Quite a few people I stalk online either have it or used to have it or recommend it, and that's good enough for me. Red Pepper Quilts used to use the same version of it (different bc she's in Australia), Cluck Cluck Sew has one (but she makes me a tad nervous about the walking foot), Splish Splash Stash loved hers- I could go on.

I want one.  But it's a thousand bucks and it's not like I have an etsy shop and am actually making any money it's relegated to the 'in case I win two billion dollars' list.  Relegated? Is that a word?

Remember when we went to Rome and it was awesome and perfect and my photos were to die for? It's because I rented this amazing lens.  I loved everything about that lens.  Almost two years later, and I still have dreams about it.  But it's nine hundred bucks on amazon, and I'm a mom with a blog that my mom and my bestie read, so I don't need that particular lens.  My current lens is this tamron and I heart eyes emoji that one, so I don't see any problem with going for the generic wide angle too.

Although apparently amazon sells used stuff? I never knew that.  They've got the used Nikon for five hundred...hmm.  Things to ponder.  You know, for when I win that two billion.

Next up? My van.
this was NOT my van. my baby was dirty. and awesome.

Now you KNOW how much I love London.  And I wouldn't trade this experience for the whole wide world.  But I miss my van.  I don't regret not bringing it because I'm not the world's best driver (cough understatement of the year cough) and I think it really helps having a tiny car and having the steering wheel on the wrong side.  But ohhhhhh how I miss my van.

I don't care about engines or horsepower or gas mileage or ANYTHING- I want seats where my kids don't touch each other, doors that open AND CLOSE themselves, and one of those magical keychains where the doors unlock when I walk up to it.  Isn't that so spectacular?!?! I hate ABSOLUTELY HATE when I'm walking up to the car with like my hands full of food and a diet coke and I have to hunt for my keys in my bag.  How lazy am I?

Very.  I'm very lazy.

And I want my doors to just magically unlock.  I don't know what that's called so I don't know how to search for it, but I trust Nick to figure it out.

I'd also like a heated steering wheel (thanks for putting that idea in my head Megan) but that's not a deal breaker.  The magic doors are.  And unlike my two billion dollar fantasy items, this van is GOING to happen.  You hear me, Destiny? It's happening.  I regularly have daydreams where we land in...a hazy place with the names blurred out bc we still don't know where we're going...and Nick has arranged for this van to be in the parking lot as a surprise, even with a big red bow like in the Christmas mercedes commercials. And he's somehow slipped the magic key into my bag so it unlocks when I walk up to it!!!

And then we drive it to the perfect house that he's already bought and had our shit unpacked into.

It's a great dream.

Number four is of course numero uno on my list for when I find that two billion dollars- a first edition copy of The Gunslinger.
I don't know what I would do with it.  I've read it mulitple times, the original and the original original, which came out a million years later but apparently includes everything he wanted to publish at first but whoever it was wouldn't let him.  I have a hardback copy, a paperback, and the kindle version, so I don't really need another one.  It's not even my favorite SK.  But for some reason, I've always wanted this.  And it's always been btwn 900-1000 bucks. You'd think I'd want the first edition of the Stand, my favorite, which is usually less than three hundred.  The actual first, not the first edition of the time he published it as the original and uncut.  Bc I already have that.  Apparently, that's SK's thing, rereleasing books?

The WORST part is that ages ago, my gramma June let me have whatever of her old SK books I wanted and I bet you dollars to donuts she had this one and I skipped right over it for Tommyknockers.  I do love Tommyknockers though. Sigh.

And the last thing I want but will probably never buy is Elise's Get to Work Book.
I certainly can't justify fifty bucks on a planner when scrap paper or my old arc notebook work JUST FINE, but it's nice to dream.  Apparently anyone who's anyone (on instagram...) has this and loves it and if everyone else has it, I want it too.


  1. i WAS thinking "wouldn't you want the stand?"
    and i so want that Juki. look at that throat! it could take a king size with no problem!

  2. Planners... so many choices in so many designs and so many extreme price points. I don't get it. Really. I don't. I mean who sees it anyway? Scrap paper or a .50 notebook works just fine. I need an explanation for the popularity!