Friday, September 4, 2015

Triangle Pouch Tutorial

So now that I've taken it camping and know that it we go.  As I said before, I wanted another one of these Vera Bradley cosmetic bags, but I didn't know what to call it, so it was hard to find on pinterest.  I started with this tutorial, but found it sort of hard to follow because I didn't know what I was doing and I think it was translated.  Google translate isn't as good as I'd expect from my most beloved Big Brother.

I had to work with scraps of canvas and an old laminated placemat, so that's what determined my sized.  And because I don't have a creative bone in my body, I had to draw them out first.  I don't do freehand.  EVER.

I cut out the shapes and used a marker pen to trace them on the backs of all my fabric.  Normal people I don't think draw on the fabric, but whatever, I almost always do. Then get to cutting.

This was all just a tiny bit odd to me because almost everything I did, I did wrong sides together.  Which is opposite of natural.  Shudder.

So, take pocket pieces (exterior and lining) WRONG SIDES together and sew them up.  Bind the top.  Make the main pieces, attaching each main exterior and lining WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.  Don't forget your label! You gotta pee all over everything to mark your territory, silly.  Same with the side piece, exterior and lining WRONG SIDES TOGETHER.

Attach the pocket to whatever main piece you decide is the front.  I picked the one that didn't have my label.  I also used huge 5mm basting stitches bc I was worried I was doing everything wrong, plus I knew I was going to bind it and I figured that would be good enough.  We shall see.  It's gone thru the washer twice so far.

*I like to live dangerously, so my pocket main is the lining fabric and the lining is the main canvas fabric.  That's why it looks backwards*

Okay.  Using an embarassing amount of pins, attach the sides piece to the back main panel.  I have a terrible time sewing curves, but I powered thru and only broke two needles.

Then attach the side piece to the front. It's even bulkier now and harder to get thru the machine, but you can do it.  I have complete faith in you.

Now it looks like a bag!! Just needs binding an a zipper.  Good fucking luck.

For the binding, I didn't understand how it was going to work until I was actually doing it.  I used 2.5inch strips of this fabric that I had leftover from various other quilts (hashtag addicted to stripy binding) and I did it the old fashioned way because my fave 'invisible' method wasn't working.  By old fashioned I mean I attached it to the back, then folded it over and attached it to the front.  Stitches are all visible in the front, but I don't care.

It was hard and tricky and bulky, but alas.  I did it.


Now zippers used to terrify me, but now that I don't care what they look like as long as the work... it's easy.

I don't use a zipper foot bc I don't want to change feet, I use my walking foot for everything I've ever sewn.  Sewed? I also don't like having to stop, lift the foot, and either zip or unzip around it, so I use too-long zippers and either keep it zipped or unzipped so I don't have to deal with that at all.

I wanted this to be 'wide open' so I let the end of the zipper go about two extra inches.  Then I cut off the end (you can cut thru nylon zippers with regular scissors, and sew right over them with your machine, but I have no idea about metal zippers so be careful) and used a scrap to make a tab.

Then bind the zipper and you're done!! I wanted a handle, so I left a pretty big loop of the binding.  It was sort of hard to sort of bind that into itself, but I ironed it how I wanted it and that really helped.


I sort of want to make more, but I don't really need them for anything. So that sucks.  Would it work as a project bag? It's not properly closed, the side pieces have about a two inch gap from the zipper, which is what I wanted for the camping bag, but I'd be worried my stitch markers or chapstick would fall out if I used it as a project bag.  Sigh.

My supply list: Canvasbindingzipper.  I got my new labels from this shop and so far I like them just a smidge better than my last set. I won't link to the last set though bc that seems rude.  And I have no idea where I got the laminated cotton placemats, but if I ever want more laminated cotton, I will probably go with this one. Although to be honest, I don't even really think it needs to be laminated.  I guess to protect whatever bag I throw that bag in? In case it spills? But it's open at the tops. So how much protection are we really talking about?

Oh, and this is what I shoved into this bag.
Intrigued? Directions here.

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