Saturday, October 17, 2015

2015 in Scrapbook Pages (Vol Four)

So the last time I checked in with my pseudo Project Life was way back in July!! I was sort of not keeping up with it back then...and things haven't gotten too too much better.  BUT!! I will press on.  I want this sucker ordered BY THE END OF JANUARY.  That will be a personal record.

So let's dive right in.  First, I needed to redo the camping page bc I hated it, plus we went camping a few more times.  And I obviously want photographic proof that I did, in fact, go camping.

Then, of course, our fabulous trip to Greece!

Then some random shots of summer.  Spoiler alert- some of these were like waaaaaay back in spring. Hopefully future Jennifer won't remember.

Grandma Jane's visit, which was so much fun.  So glad I don't have one of those awful mother in laws.  Mothers in law? Anyway.  It was great.  Low key but still fun.

A back to school page that I'm not too wild about...

And then some random shots from the beginnings of autumn.

So I'm basically all caught up!!! Just in time for Yvonne to visit, me to take two hundred pics, and get behind again.  PERFECT!!

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