Friday, October 23, 2015

Finish it Up Friday: Baby Girl Quilts for the Hudson TWINS!!!

Whoa.  Holly told us she was pregnant forever ago, and I ordered the fabric as soon as she said they were both girls, and according to the google that was July seventh.  I feel like I just picked it out, but that was forever ago!!!

Wow.  Time flies, right? Although probably not for Holly...

Anyway.  I wanted something that I wanted, not necessarily what Holly wanted.  Which makes me sound like a horrible person, but she did say she didn't mind what I picked, and I know from experience that sewing for three months on fabric that I hate sucks, so I took her whatever you love, I'll love and ran with it.

For Baby A (automatically my favorite baby bc I have a thing against youngest children.  Although my own youngest child is my favorite.  That's what I don't like about them, they're always the favorite!!!) I picked another collection by Katarina Rocella, this one called Skopelos.  I used a different Rocella for Megan's last quilt (the gorgeous reCollection) and I gotta say- Rocella is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite designers.  I don't know what it is, but there is just something about her style that (for me) is to DIE for.

I ordered a layer cake bc that's just so much easier than yardage, and went with my go-to Easy Bake pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew. Southern Fabrics layer cakes are different bc she makes them herself (so awesome!!! You can get just about ANY collection as a layer cake!!!) so there were only 20 squares a pack, instead of the standard 42.  So I went with two layer cakes, plus a yard of my favorite print from the collection and then a yard of another print for the binding.  I had enough for a regular layer cake, but Baby B's was going to end up smaller, so I sized Baby A's down to match.  I can't play favorites too much ;)

Then it was cut squares, sew together, cut again, sew together again, sew squares into big squares, sew big squares into rows, then viola!! Quilt top.
Then the crappy task of trying to match minky for the backing.  I actually got this pretty quick, I ordered a few swatches (never done that before but it was FABULOUS) and went with two yards of Minky Cuddle 3 (my favorite of all the minky) in watermelon. Throw my favorite flannel sheet in the middle for batting and baste the hell out of it with spray bc my thumbs hurt from basting the Minecraft quilts.
I baste on my dining room table bc I am an old lady and doing on the floor KILLS my back. 

Then I quilted diagonal lines thru every square and took the lines all the way from end to end. And remembered why I don't like spray basting. This has quite a few puckers.  Frowny face emoji.

It was SO FUN to quilt, and I absolutely LOVE the way it turned out.  All those X's!!! So rad. Then attached the binding using my go-to tutorial, washed and dried it twice, and we were donezo.

This one (and Baby B's) ended up being about 48 inches square.  Big enough to not be useless (I hope) and small enough for a kid to drag around.  I've got a few quilts of my own that are just a tad to big to comfortably drag from room to room, if that makes any sense. It's also a perfect size because you can get away with 1.5 yards of minky just about EXACTLY.

And simultaneously, I was working on Baby B's quilt.

I went with this amazing Jeni Baker collection, Geometric Bliss in the Pinkest Angles colorway, although the Turquoise Angle was just as gorgeous (if not moreso) but she didn't have any layer cakes available.  And she doesn't have ANY now, so that sort of sucks if you wanted to do one.  AGF always does things 'limited' which I guess is good for business, but sort of sucks if you're late to the game.  I guess try etsy?

Anyway, same story, two layer cakes, plus an extra yard of spherical buds (no longer carried) and a yard of vertex tulips in mint for the binding (also no longer there :( )

Because this collection lent (lended?) itself perfectly to a Plus Quilt, that's what I went with.  That's why they both had to be smaller, the math is all weird when you get into laying out the plusses.  Anyway, I cut each layer cake into five inch charms, then laid it out on my wall and played around till it looked good.  Then the usual: sew rows, sew rows together, viola- quilt top.

Then came the nightmare of trying to match for the backing.  I wanted a mint green to match the mint green in the quilt, although in hindsight that wasn't the best idea since the binding was mint.  Hindsight.  Anyway, I tried FIVE different swatches, and none of them worked!! FIVE!!! Ugh.  So I ended up going with purple, which is fine and looks decent blah blah blah- I just don't like purple.  And the fact that I wanted mint and tried five different shades and none of them worked just really pissed me off so every time I sat down with it, I got irrationally angry and threw a hissy fit and texted the girls and cried.

Not my finest moment.

I basted it with pins and seriously- that's just better.  SO much better.  I mean, I'm not saying there aren't any puckers.  LOL. There's ALWAYS puckers.  But pinning it just works better.  I should quit being so lazy.

Despite my hatred, I eventually dominated that quilt.  Showed her who was boss.  I quilted a quarter inch on either side of every seam, mindless easy quilting that went SUPER fast but still looks so good on a Plus Quilt.

They really are my favorite. I love the way backs of plus quilts look.
The word of the day is favorite.

Washed and dried it twice to make sure the stitches would hold up to plenty of use, and then it was finally done!! I gotta admit, it was worth it- this one is GORGEOUS.  It's different than Baby A's, but there is just something about a plus quilt.  Am I right?!

Now I've just got to get them in the mail and wait for those adorable babies to vacate the premise and get all snuggled up in them.  I am SO EXCITED!!!

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  1. Those really turned out amazing. You're my favorite.

    1. that's bc i'm a badass ass. quilting bitch! and you're my favorite too. bc we're twinsies.

  2. Those are beautiful! I wish I could quilt.

    1. Thanks!! And you could quilt! All you really need is a sewing machine and YouTube ;)

  3. Those are awesome!!! Please tell holly congrats for me. When is she due?

    1. She's due the first week of December and I'll definitely tell her!

  4. Lovely quilts! I have a soft spot for twins (having 11 month old b/g twins!) and I love that you made them each a unique quilt. And the thought that went into those backings... yikes! You made me laugh more than once with this post (and I've pinned the Easy Bake pattern for future reference). Thanks for linking up with TGIFF!

    1. Ohhh, the easy bake pattern is absolutely fabulous. It's SERIOUSLY one of my most favorite things to do.

  5. WHOOMP There IT Is! Jenn your post had me cracking up. I really enjoyed reading it. You remind me a lot of my sis. =) I showed her your creepers...she's made 2 so far. I am a huge fan of machine binding...but I've never tried it like this. It seems as if the pins will get in the way on the back of the quilt as you are stitching in the ditch on the front? Or did I read it wrong? Anyway I pinned the tutorial to a pinterest board and will definitely try it someday. Currently my favorite binding tutorial is this:

    Both of your finishes are fabulous. Babies and Parents will surely adore them. I recently made a plus quilt and quilted it like you did. I've also added the easy bake pattern to my list. Thanks for linking up at WHOOMP There IT Is!

    1. The pins do get me every now and then, but if I slow down and pay attention I can usually pull them out before I get stabbed. Will look into that tutorial bc this one isn't always perfect for me.

      And the easy bake pattern is AMAZING!!!