Friday, October 9, 2015

I Made a Sweater!!!

Yes ladies, you heard that right: I MADE A SWEATER!!!!

I'm basically Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I mean, for real.

I mean, sure, it took me...a week shy of three months.  Sure, it cost triple what the same sweater at Old Navy would have cost, plus all those hours.


I'm gonna wear this sucker every day for the rest of my life bc I MADE THIS!!!

I may be more proud of this sweater than I am of the fact that I made four children.

So, the nitty gritty, for any interested parties.  I started with Elise (of COURSE I did) but I didn't want chunky. I'm not super active on Ravelry, but I found this sweater pattern on sale (Polished by Alicia Plummer) so I took the plunge.  Bought the pattern, ordered yarn five minutes later, and we were off.

Lol.  We were not off.

Oh, I used this yarn from Knitpicks, comfy worsted heather.  It's 75% cotton, 25% acrylic.  I chose this for two reasons, one being that I'm cheap and the other being that wool makes me itchy.  The colorway I used was 'overcast' but it's no longer on offer, which is a bummer bc it's gorgeous.   The pattern actually calls for aran weight and suggests this base from Colour Adventures which is GORGEOUS, of course, but at 21 bucks a skein and at least six (probably seven) skeins was definitely out of my budget.  By like three times.  For comparision, my Comfy was on sale for 2.67 (regularly 2.99 so big whoop) and I ordered thirteen skeins.  I only used ten though, if you're interested. That it was thirty five bucks.  Compared to one fifty ish for the proper wool.  Knitting is not for the feint of heart.  Or for people on a budget.

I cast on with my birthday present Addi interchangeables and used my favorite Supernatural stitch-markers and THEN I was off.  This was July 15.

It was slow going.

I didn't understand the pattern at first, but honestly, even though Elise says the SAME EXACT THING, once I just got into it and started the rows, it started to make sense.

I was too scared to take it out of the house, but I worked almost every single night on it.  I'm still super slow (knitters, when will I get all fast like on tv?!?!) but I guess I was persistent bc it started to look like a sweater!!!

Something happened during the increases at the waist area, I'm still not sure what.  But it happened every time (like every thirteen rows or something) in the same place.  So I should probably figure out what.  There's just this small hole.  It's not a slipped stitch.  I don't know what it is.
Poor Angela.  I texted her A LOT during these three months. I mean, I always text here a lot, but this was random pics and outbursts about the sweater.

Anyway.  I couldn't try it on again until I split for the back, and when I did, I almost died.  For real.  IT WAS BECOMING A SWEATER!!! Ya'll, it was becoming a sweater.

 Then I did the hems on the bottoms, the sleeves (the sleeves!!! They look so small but they took almost as long as the actual sweater!!!) the hems on the sleeves, and the collar area, and then it was done!!!

I blocked it (I think.  I'm not entirely sure what blocking is...) and it took THREE DAYS to dry, and then I took four hundred pictures in it.

I wanted to be all curled up on hardwoods with a fur blanket (???is that a thing???) in front of a roaring fire.  But.  We don't have hardwoods, or a fireplace, or fur blankets, if they are a thing.  So I settled for the dining room.  Ugh.  Wouldn't that have been so cool?!?!

 And there you go!!! My very first sweater.  I love it.  I don't even care that there's some sort of gaping hole in the collar.  Or that the sleeves are way too long and the sweater itself is about three inches too short.  I love love love it.  LOVE IT.

I've already ordered the yarn for my next one!!! I'm going with a cardigan by the same designer, the Campside Cardi by Alicia Plummer.  Side note, I needed a bit of help with the pattern and she was SUPER helpful.  I avoided the recommended yarn again, for the same reasons, and went with this Drops Belle in the light beige.  It's  53% Cotton, 33% Viscose, 14% Linen.

I'm very excited.

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  1. i can't believe you made that sweater! it's almost as gorgeous as you are. i love the modeling photos. who was your photographer?

    1. my photographer was the self timer and the burst option and five hundred deleted shots. if you lived here, it could have been you. boo.

  2. You made a sweater! That's amazing. Like I'm saying it like wow! You made a freakin' sweater! That's way cooler than making babies. Making babies doesn't even take skill! You got skillz!