Friday, October 30, 2015

What I'm Into (October 2015)

Well quite honestly, I haven't been into much this month bc we've had my friend from Guam here for two weeks and we've been living it up and having an amazing time, which doesn't leave much time leftover for mindless telly and nonstop reading.  #worthit

I have been reading a little bit though.  This month I finished Finder's Keepers, Nothing to Lose (a Jack Reacher), Death on Demand, and Among Others and I'm about ten pages in on God in Ruins.  Invasion of the Tearling was FINALLY two bucks at amazon (!!!!!) so I snatched it up bc there's STILL not a copy of it in my library systems.

Can I go off track and talk about how amazing amazon is right quick? I preordered Career of Evil forever ago, without a second thought, bc I've always preordered all her work.  #jkisagod But I've got so many library books in my basket and more waiting at the library so I haven't even downloaded it.  Then, I was playing around on the computer to avoid doing housework the other day and I noticed that our library system actually got three copies of Career, which surprised me but it shouldn't have since she is a British author.  Weird.

ANYWAY, I hopped on amazon just to try my luck and see if I could talk someone into letting me return my kindle copy of the book so I could read it (FOR FREE!!) from the library.  Yall.  I didn't even have to talk to anyone.  I didn't even have to fill in a 'reason' for my return.  I requested the return, ten minutes later I got an email saying they'd put the fifteen bucks back on my card.  I got on the waitlist and the library (number three in queue, gross) and that was that.

How amazing is amazon? How amazing are libraries? How amazing is life? To quote Mor from Among Others: Interlibrary loans are a wonder of the world and a glory of civilization.  Libraries really are wonderful.  They're better than bookshops even.  I mean, bookshops make a profit on selling you books, but libraries just sit there lending you books quietly out of the goodness of their hearts. 
Then I turned around and preordered Winter.  The library still doesn't even have Cress so I'm pretty confident I won't have to return this one.

All right.  What have I been watching?  Lemme think.  I went and saw the Martian (loved, even though they left out quite a few of my favorite quotes) and Hamlet (LOVED, it's going to be hard to keep up my shunning of Benedict Cumberbatch bc he was absolutely breathtaking in this) and Crimson Peak (meh) and at home one morning I watched This is Me, which I sort of loved.  It was weird, but for some reason I was sort of completely riveted.

Nick and I have been watching Bloodline on netflix with Coach Taylor and it's all right, but it's nothing we get too excited about.  We gave You Me and the Apocalypse a try, but I think it's safe to say that one is going to be deleted shortly. We've been watching Walking Dead (don't wanna talk about it but man that show is amazing) and season two of the Leftovers, which I sort of think is a tad better than season one.

I am extremely proud of myself for not taping the second season of the Affair.  I hated the way season one wrapped up, but usually I would plow thru the second season just bc everyone else thought it was so amazing.  But I thought it sucked and I'm sticking to it.  I will google it when it's over though bc I'm curious how it turns out.

I also watched season three of Orphan Black while I was getting thru those baby quilts.  That is just the best show ever.  Helena is my soul mate.

Listening to the Limetown podcasts again bc I can't get enough.  So weird!! So cheesey!!! SO GOOD!!! I've also been listening to all the back episodes of the Bakery Bears podcasts.  I just love those two.  Also (along with the rest of the entire world) I love LOVE the new Adele song.  Oh, and I've already started the Christmas music.

Looking forward to decorating the tree this weekend, the kids go back to school Monday, concerts this week and at the end of November, planning our Christmas in Germany, and I'm really REALLY looking forward to scrapping my two weeks with Yvonne.

What have ya'll been into this month?

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