Monday, November 2, 2015

Over Coffee

You know how like normal girls meet each other for coffee to gossip?  Yeah, I'm not doing that.  The only people I could comfortably sit in my jammies and drink coffee and bitch left me here all alone, and the idea of going to a public place to have coffee that you have to pay for with other people makes my skin crawl.

But let's pretend I'm not the most neurotic person you've met.  What would we gossip about? We'd probably discuss whether Glenn (or is it just Glen?) is really dead (he is TOTALLY not) and whether I meant it when I said if I was forced to chose between Daryl dying or Glen dying, I'd chose Daryl.  I did mean it, but I said it before Glenn "died" so now it's really easy for me to say oh of course I meant it. But I really think I do.  If Daryl would climb out of his asshole and make out with Carol JUST ONCE, he'd be back in first place.  But until then...that hug when they reunited after Terminus was great, and it held me over for a while...but no more. It hurts my heart to betray my beloved in this way, but it is what it is.

Then since I'm pretty self absorbed, I would just continue to talk about myself.

I've had a head cold since the middle of September.  Just a stuffy nose and itchy eyes and a terribly sore throat.  Do grownups get strep? I've never had it, but surely a sore throat that lasts six weeks can't be normal.  I understand in my brain that it's because of post nasal drip and that this is all most likely allergies, but I don't understand how post nasal drip makes your throat hurt.  It baffles me.

I also don't understand how tea is so soothing to a sore throat, but coffee doesn't really do anything at all.  That's WEIRD.

I had a total blast when Yvonne was here last week and now I wish she lived here and that we had infinite funds to shop and explore and travel all day every day.

I did NOT have a total blast with my children on term this year.  I don't know if they're becoming even bigger assholes or if my patience is just GONE, but they got on my very last nerve last week!!! All they do is whine and cry and make noise and messes.  I almost wept with joy when I dropped them off today.

Yes.  WEPT WITH JOY. It was that dramatic.

I am still hating Apple Music and need help.  We have amazon prime uk but I can't get it to play music because I am a moron.  Why does apple music suck? Why can't I figure out how to have a Christmas music radio station? Why don't they have better Christmas playlists? Is there a trick?

I'm actually asking, what is the trick to apple music? Can someone help me?

Lastly, I just found the infographic at the top and now I feel like a tool.  When I use a mug (I typically use a travel mug, which isn't even on that sheet) it's one of my various 'earthenware' ones that I always grab at pottery studios when we go on vacay.  AND I do in fact own some patchouli essential oil, although I don't actually love the way it smells.  Am I a total tool? Ugh.  Just what I need.

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  1. All my family adores coffee but as for me I have an allergy... I suffered lots of it but after having read I understood that life goes on :)