Monday, November 9, 2015

Picture Day

Remember when I wanted to be a photographer but I didn't want to learn how to take my camera off auto and the idea of interacting with customers gave me a tummy ache?

Past Jenn was so ridiculous.

Anyway, thank God I got over that idea and decided to leave it to the professionals.  We had our pics done a few weeks ago at Eastcote House by Clare Metcalfe and I couldn't be more satisfied with the results.  So much better than my standard blurry phone shot ;)

 Look at this one- she got us ALL looking at the camera!!! All six!!!

I, of course, prefer the slightly less fancy sort of 'improv' shots.  Candid shots? Is that a word? Spoiler alert, that one where we're all apparently attacking Nick is the front runner in The Great Christmas Card Extravaganza of Two Thousand and Fifteen.

I think she did a FANTASTIC job with Scott.  Ya'll know Scott.  It's a total crapshoot- is he gonna love and adore you and be a perfect angel or is he going to cut your head off with a chain saw.  And he was perfect for her.

And here's what might be my favorite shot.  Ava and I butt heads a LOT.  Who knows why ;) But despite what she seems to think, I love her more than life itself and while I felt cheesey when she told us to sit on the bench, I really do adore her and I think this shot catches it.

And then shots like this that remind me- man.  I have four kids.  FOUR KIDS.  I can't believe it!!
So yeah.  Any locals looking for a photographer, Clare Metcalfe has my complete devotion.


  1. Sooo good. I love the shot of the girls telling secrets. And the handsome! Love the outfit color theme. Color scheme? Whatever you call it. Great shots.

    1. Thank you!! It took me a while to decide on that color theme, isn't that so stupid? So I'm glad you noticed ;)