Monday, November 30, 2015

What I'm Into (November 2015)

What I'm reading lately has been pretty rad.  I read Career of Evil (LOVED), Winter (more than 800 pages!!! But also LOVED!!) The Dog Who Knew Too Much (never in a MILLION years thought I'd like it, but alas- LOVED) and Shopaholic to the Rescue (spoiler alert- LOVED) and Friday we coincidentally ended up at the Nando's right by the big branch of the library so I stocked up.  My basket is OVERFLOWING.  I've got Grave Mercy, Ready Player One, The Swimmer, The Raven Boys, The Deep and The Troop, Mr Penumbra, Fingersmith, Weight of Blood, and Girl With All the Gifts.

I can't stop smiling just thinking about it.  I heart eyes emoji libraries SO MUCH ya'll.  SO MUCH. I mean, look at all those books!! FOR FREE!!! Libraries, man.

I had to quit God in Ruins after only like ten pages bc someone had requested it and when it's on request, you can't renew it.  Which is a bummer, but sort of nice when I'm the one doing the requesting.  And if I'm honest, I wasn't THAT upset to let it go.  Teddy was bothering me, and I loved Life After Life so much...what if God in Ruins leaves a bad taste in my mouth?!?!

What I've been doing in my spare time (and I have so much of it now!! Six hours EVERY DAY!!!) is...drumroll please...starting an Etsy shop!!
I've only got like six things listed, but I already had a sale (THANKS P!!!) and I'm pretty excited.  So tell your friends!!! But if they order something and they hate it...don't tell them!!!

I've been watching tv like it's my job.  As usual. I've been catching up on some British shows that I've had on my DVR, so far I've done Prey, which was decent, and I'm a few episodes into Unforgotten, which is REALLY good.  I've also got Jekyll and Hyde on there, and there's a new Frankenstein show I think? I don't know.  I tape a LOT of stuff.  LOL I just looked up those four shows and they're ALL on itv.  Where's my BBC at?!?!

Anyway, most of my binge-time has been dedicated to Sleepy Hollow, which sounds SO STUPID but I just love it.
I love absolutely everything about Crane (because duh) and surprisingly, I love Abi just as much.  I think their chemistry is fantastic, and I have a soft spot for a show with a boy and a girl who AREN'T falling desperately in love and ruining everything.  They're just BEST BUDS and I love it.

I've been listening to Limetown (two episodes this month!!!) and all things Christmas.  Obviously.  Also, we went to see Imagine Dragons (good) and Monsters and Men (SO FRICKING GOOD) so I've been listening to those cds on repeat a lot too.  I just love Monsters and Men so much, and they were FABULOUS in concert.  Absolutely breathtaking.

I'm looking forward to going to see Mumford on the tenth (I caved and paid a ridiculous amount for nosebleed seats...) and heading for Germany on the 18th!! We've booked a four hour learn-to-ski class for Nick and the big kids, sledding for everyone, a horse and sleigh ride on Christmas, we're going to that castle that starts with an N that Disney uses for their original logo, plus we're spending a few days with Andrea and Bob on the way out there. Plus the heated pool and Christmas markets and all the food...I can't wait.  CAN'T WAIT!!!

What did you get into this November?

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  1. So proud of you and your shop! Your like for REAL! Congrats!

  2. Ugh! You're, not your! I hate grammer errors!

    1. Lol, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out! I thought I was the grammar queen, but apparently I'm not.