Thursday, December 3, 2015

Comfort and Joy

When I saw the prompt seven things that bring you comfort I thought NAILED IT.  I am nothing if not a seeker of comfort.  That's why I'm forty pounds overweight and wear yoga pants and a tunic every day.

1. Zoloft.  Actually, modern medicine in general, but zoloft specifically.  Not even the effects that it has on my brain chemistry, but somehow just knowing that I took the steps to get help- that brings me a MASSIVE amount of comfort.  As does knowing I'm not alone, there are others out there who struggle the same as I do, and find comfort in modern medicine as well.

2. Candles.  I've been trying the whole hipster thing of using an essential oils diffuser to scent my house and cure all our ailments and bring world peace to all, but nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING smells better than a Yankee candle filling my entire house with soot and chemicals and the gorgeous memories of all things past and perfect.  You wanna talk about the memories that flood my tiny little mind when I light a Macintosh? Don't even get me started!!! ULTIMATE COMFORT YA'LL.  Ultimate comfort. Right now I'm obsessed with Apple Pumpkin and my last one is down to the final inch and I swear I might DIE when it's gone.

3. Satsumas.  The best thing about winter is satsuma season.  Why do they only work in winter? I think it's some sort of magic enchantment.  Maybe they know how much we need that citrus spark in the dark depths of winter? Who cares, I love them so.

I once at an entire bag of them in one sitting.  That's eleven satsumas.  At once.  They were so good, I'm not even embarrassed.  Much.

4. Reading.  Duh.

5. My bed.  I love my bed. My king sized bed, which apparently is big enough to fit me and Nick and three quarters of our offspring.

We have two sets of sheets, one so-so and one AMAZING and the amazing set doesn't have any tags on it and I have no idea where I got them and I want desperately to order another set, but sheets are so expensive, what if I order a set and hate them? I couldn't send them back, bc really, it takes a few nights of sleeping in them, plus a few washes, to see if you really like them.  So it's a huge, expensive gamble.  The struggle is real ya'll.  The struggle is REAL.

6. Tea.  Coffee.  "Hot beverages." Doesn't that make you think of Sheldon? I can't say I really 'savor' my coffee in the mornings bc basically I'm just trying to get the caffeine into my system, but on Friday afternoons Nick and I usually have a cup together after the school run and it's just so fantastic. I know they did a study or whatever that said that drinking a hot beverage doesn't actually warm up your body, but I'm calling bullshit.  It totally does.  And if not your body, then it warms YOUR SOUL.

Anyway, I usually drink tea every afternoon during the school run (either this boring regular tea or lately this yummy Christmas black tea that's to die for) to get me thru the afternoon without keeping me up at night, then after dinner is when the magic happens...this GLORIOUS herbal baggie of heaven. I've never tasted anything so good in my entire life.  For reals.  If you don't want to follow the link, it's called Pukka Peppermint and Licorice and you will die when you taste it.

7. All these little assholes snuggled up RIGHT ON TOP of me even though our couch seats twenty people.  I hate being touched by anyone else, but I just love these kids (and their daddy) so fricking much.

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  1. I love candles! And yes, thanks for pointing out the hot beverage and Sheldon connection. I never would have seen that!

  2. Remember, the hot beverage is not optional...

  3. mmmm...your comfort items brought me comfort just READING about them. Funny how they are universally wonderful. :)