Monday, January 11, 2016

Christmas in Germany

So. We've avoided the Edelweiss resort in Germany like the plague the entire time we've been here, bc c'mon. You don't wanna go all the way to Europe to stay in Tiny America.

BUT, it's our last year, we've never been in the snow (like EVER) and some friends thought maybe they might be able to meet us there, so we booked it.  They ended up not being able to make it, but we decided we might as well go thru with it- sort of as our last hurray while we're here, since we're basically out of both money and time.

And I am SO GLAD we did. Yes, it was all Americanized and such, but it was just NICE.  It was gorgeous, the people were friendly and all spoke American English, everything was in US Dollars, the people were mega nice and friendly (it bears two bullet points, they were REALLY nice) and it was just a NICE vacay.  Will it make the top five? Of course not.  But it was nice ya'll.  It was really, really NICE.

(Their website is awful, so you might not even want to follow any of my links.  Plus, you have to be American military, and I think you actually have to be stationed somewhere in Europe to even book, but you know me- I can't NOT post links.)

We stayed in the Vacation Village, which is just down the road from the main lodge, in one of the Rustic Cabins.  You know I don't do hotels, so that part was a no brainer.  I would have MUCH preferred a regular cabin, with a BATHROOM, but it wasn't bad at all.  We're campers, remember? (You can't see me, but I'm falling off the chair laughing.)

It was a two room cabin with a decent sized table in the main room, then a double bed and tiny bunk beds in the bedroom, and above the bedroom part was a loft with two smaller than twin air mattresses.  They provided comforters and sleeping bags and pillows and everything else.  The pool provided towels, so we just needed to bring shower towels.  The cabin had a TV, microwave, and college fridge. There was plenty of storage space under the beds and the kids put all their shit up in that loft.  Yes, it got a LOT smaller as the week wore on, but in general, it was pretty perfect.

The bathhouse was also perfect- the heaters were insane, it was SO HOT in there, the showers were clean, the water was hot, and the water pressure was on point.  There were plenty of washing machines and dryers and there was even a dryer that worked without taking any quarters, so that was cool.

Best part though? The full sized commissary and exchange.  It wasn't as big as Lakenheath, but it sure put Croughton to shame.  There was NOTHING we needed that they didn't have (including liquor) and we could have saved a TON of room in the car by not packing so many snacks.  And it was easily within walking distance of the cabin.

All right, that's the nitty gritty. We actually spent a good portion of our time at the Lodge, which was so gorgeous and fantastic, and did I mention how nice the people were? We ate at the buffet most nights (I know) and we ate at the sports bar type place twice.  That was down by the pool, and there was also a video arcade in there and my poor dumb kids are just as happy playing video games without putting any money in them, so they did that while Nick and I drank and waited for the dinners.

I have exactly ZERO pics of the cabin, bathhouse, or lodge in general.  Sorry.

The first afternoon we got there, we immediatly went swimming.  The pool was too cold for me, but the hot tub was nice (could have been a LOT hotter) and kids were allowed in it, so that's where I stayed. Bonus, the wifi worked in the pool area. AND they had a full rack of lifejackets and Puddle Jumpers.

Then dinner at the buffet (unlimited diet coke! Ice! Soft serve ice cream! Fucking peach cobbler every fucking night like they've never heard of apple pie in their whole lives!)

The next morning, Nick and Ava and Scott had a ski lesson. I was a nervous wreck, but (of course) the insturctors and people fitting them for clothes and everything were SO NICE. It was still a tiny bit (lot) nerve wracking to watch them waddle away in their ski boots.

BUT. They (all three) said they had a fantastic time.  Although no one was interested in going again :) They ate lunch up on the mountain, me and the babies played at the video arcade and watched movies at the cabin until they were done, then we spent the rest of the day in the hot tub, trying to ease their aching legs.  LOL.

Tuesday we rented a sled and spent a few hours on this hill right by the rental place where they'd apparently made some snow.  It. Was. Epic.

I had no idea I'd love it so much, it still surprises me. But I couldn't get enough! Up the hill, plop down on that plastic sled then WHOOSH. Down the hill a billion miles an hour! It was SO FUN.

Wanna know who did NOT love sledding? Junebug.  Nick got her to go a few times, but mostly she just sat and watched us.  Lame.

Lemme say right quick that this place, the Hausberg Lodge, was amazing.  We've never lived anywhere cold, so we have NOTHING for snow.  They have racks and racks and RACKS of snow pants and coats and gloves and skis and boots and just anything you can imagine ever needing.  Plus? The people working there are SUPER NICE.


Wednesday we took the train up to Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany.

Mostly we just enjoyed the gorgeousness and the sun, but after lunch, I just HAD to give sledding another try.  Yup, still love it.

By this point, the kids were over it and just laid out in these nice lawn chairs they had set up.  It was so cool up there!! I'd have to say it was cooler than Switzerland, but just barely and the only reason it won out was bc the snow was so cool looking on the mountains.

We took the gondola thingie back down, which I do NOT recommend.

Thursday we just hung (hanged?) out at the hot tub and video arcade, then Friday was obviously Christmas, so we played XBox for a few hours, played at the hot tub for a few hours, then ate our weight at the fancy buffet.

What does it say about me that my six year old got me that mug?

Saturday we hiked (well, walked) past the  Olympic Stadium (a big fuck no on using whatever that crazy ass slope is called) and through the Partnach Gorge.

It was BREATHTAKING.  Easily one of the top three coolest things I've ever seen.

Unfortunately, every single one of my pics is blurry, plus it was pretty tight and I still don't have a wide angle lens, so they just sucked in general.  Just take my word for it, it was AMAZING.  Awe inspiring.

Then on Sunday we had to head home :( But then again, when 'home' is London, it's not really much of a frowny face, is it?

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  1. I don't know what I love more... You saying "on point" or the pic of you sledding. Love living vicariously through your kick ass vacations.