Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Future's So Bright

Diving right back in to Mama Kat's Pretty Much World Famous Writer's Workshop (and really, you should too), I went with prompt three, bc it made me laugh OUT LOUD, for reals: If the way you spent your New Year’s Eve is any indication of how the rest of the year will go, how would you say your future is looking right about now?
Every year we've lived in England, we've gone to the Benihana's in the city for Christmas Eve dinner, but this year we were in Germany (bc we badass) so we decided to push it to New Year's Eve, mainly bc Ava was upset at the prospect of breaking the tradition on the twenty fourth.

Anyway, we decided to make it a day- lunch at Shake Shack, ice skating at Somerset, then dinner at good ole Benihana.

Side note, I think it was Guam but it might have been Connecticut, Nick's dad came to visit and we went to a Benihana type place (Japanese hibachi grill, for those not in the know) and he said something along the lines of "You guys ALWAYS eat at these Benihana places." Guilty.  We love them.  Also, fun fact, we ate at one in Auburn right after we got married and someone at the table paid the bill!!

Anyway.  Shake Shack was as crowded as always and we had to fight for a table and I overate and immediately regretted it when my stomach betrayed me.  Then, we went ice skating.  Daisy cried THE ENTIRE TEN MINUTES she was on the ice.  Bear in mind, we paid like a hundred quid for this magical skating experience.
Amidst the crying, Warren skated (skated? no.  wobbled.  Warren WOBBLED) over to me and instead of grabbing on to the little penguin thing to support himself, he grabbed my backside.

I can't skate either.

It was like a fricking cartoon.  My arms windmilled out, my eyes got wide, my mouth made a perfect O of horror (I'm's not like there was a mirror) and my feet FLEW up over my head.  I even had enough time on the way down to think this is going to really fucking hurt.

I landed flat on my back and slammed my head.  Hard enough to instantly start crying.  Warren fell too (to his knees, little bugger) and he was obviously terrified bc I was crying and Daisy was crying and the safety girl ran over (to take care of Warren) and we just had to sit there crying and waiting for Nick to come back to get us (we were in the kiddie corral) bc I couldn't just abandon my kids (I was totally going to) and you have to skate all the way around the main rink to get out!!

Ugh.  Nick took Daisy out, I made my way out, and we (she and I) called it a day and played around in normal shoes until everyone else was done.

At which time it began to POUR.  Nothing falls like London rain.  (Sing it with me now!!) Fine. Not a problem, we've all got raincoats and half our kids are wearing wellies.  It's a mile to Benihana's, it won't be that bad.

The six of us were soaking wet.  SOAKING WET.  Indescribably so.  It was basically like we'd jumped into a pool with all of our clothes on.  Or like we walked a mile in a proper downpour.

So how is my new year looking?

Absolutely completely amazing.

Other than the ten minutes crying on the ice (Daisy) not a single kid cried that day.  They didn't even complain on the trek in the MONSOON to Benihana.  I'm not even lying, ya'll know I'd be the first to dime those assholes out- they were FINE.  Well behaved.  Laughing and having a good time even!! In the pouring down rain!! They were all well behaved while they waited a good thirty minutes with me at Shake Shack while Nick ordered the food.  They were well behaved throughout both meals, and on the train to and from the city.

I've never been so shocked, but at the same time, I almost didn't notice, while it was happening,'s sort of becoming a thing.  They're turning into people.  Not soul sucking, helpless tiny human beings who take and take and take, but actual real people.

It's weird.

Anyway, if this New Year's Eve is any indication, this year is going to be full (as usual) of downpours and bumps on the head and laughter and a family who makes it work.

Here's to the year.  Bring it on.


  1. Haha! I loved this! A day with kids not crying? That's epic! Loved your pictures too. Stopping by from Mama Kat's :-).

    1. Thanks! It is pretty epic when they don't cry.

  2. That sounds like things that would happen to my family. Skating/caught in downpour rain but still having all the fun.

  3. Sounds like it's going to be a great year! :D

    And yes, it's cool when they start to turn into real people. LOL.

    1. It's really SO exciting, watching them grow up. I feel like I'm finally starting to 'get' it.

  4. Sorry the skating was so miserable, but the photos make it look storybook perfect!

  5. Wow! You're in for quite a year. I have fallen hard on ice like that and it DOES knock the wind out of you. We're too old for those shenanigans. I'm glad you're okay!

    1. Thanks!! I was definitely sore for a few days, I didn't just brush it off like I'm a carefree twentysomething ;)

  6. This is such a wonderful story! And Proof that you just can't make up stuff this good.
    We have a seven year old and lately we often wonder out loud when and how she turned into such a little PERSON. It's wonderful.
    Have a great year!