Monday, January 4, 2016

Two Thousand Fifteen

Let's just dive right in, shall we?


Best movie I saw this year, without a doubt, one of the best movies I've ever seen, full stop-  These Final Hours.  Thanks for the tip, Brian. Best movie of two thousand fifteen.  Seriously, this movie is POWERFUL.  Runner up would have to be Wild.  I never bothered to watch it bc I thought hmm, Reese walks around for two hours? Lame.  Plus there was that whole thing with her being belligerent when they pulled over her drunk driving boyfriend in Atlanta, remember that?  Anyway, I don' know what it was, but something about that movie was amazing.  POWERFUL.  I was sobbing- straight up SOBBING by the end.  Weird.
I watched both of those at home, so best movie in theaters? Easy- Spy.  I think Spy might be the funniest movie I've ever seen in my entire life.  We bought it for Christmas and I can't wait to see if Nick agrees.  And if he doesn't...he knows enough after thirteen years to pretend, and to make it good.


I read a lot of books this year but I guess, gun to the head, the best one I read was Code Name Verity.

Close (so close!!!) runners up would be the Martian and All the Light We Cannot See. But honestly, so many good books this year.  I just love reading.  Check out most of my book reports here.  I am, of course, perpetually about five books behind.  God bless the library.  This year, I only bought Day Four, a Jack Reacher, and Cress and Winter.


Best song? That's a little harder.  We switched to Apple music and I hate it and I hate the way their radios are, so I never really hear new songs unless they're on a commercial or something.  That being said, one of the most played songs, according to my itunes thingie, was this non English one that I really do love. If you're not going to listen to the whole thing (but really, you should) fast forward to about 3:20 for the BEST part.

Huh, learn something new everyday.  For some reason I assumed this was Swedish, but turns out they're an Icelandic band.  Apparently I have a thing for Iceland bc the runner up for best song of two thousand fifteen is easily Crystals from my second favorite band of all time, Of Monsters and Men.
I don't know why it's stuck on that scary picture.  It's a fabulous song.

Other runners up included Snake Eyes, Breathe Me (from Luther- man that was a fabulous episode), and Man on Fire.

Shows (not tv shows)

And that seems to bring us easily to Best Live Show of Two Thousand Fifteen. It was tough bc I guess we went to quite a few shows this year, but I'm going to HAVE to go with Monsters and Men at the O2 Brixton.  It. Was. Epic.

The venue was small and quirky and fabulous, the band knocked my socks off, we ate Nando's before the was just absolutely PERFECT.

That being said, we also saw Mumford this year, which was AMAZING as well, but it was at the O2 proper, which is huge, and we were literally the second to last row, plus they weren't very...personable? Showmanshipy? Great music, obvi, but nothing to write home about as far as a live show.  Not that I'm some sort of expert on live shows.

We also saw Imagine Dragons at the O2, but again, huge venue, crap seats, nothing to write home about.  We saw Elphaba at a small place in Wembley and I gotta say, she sort of sucked.  I think she may have been on some sort of stimulant and it just wasn't good.  Nothing like when we saw Galinda last year.

So runner up to Monsters and Men for Best Show of Two Thousand Fifteen would be Kerry&Louise at the Prince Edward Theater.
Actually, watching that video (the girl who filmed it must have been RIGHT NEXT TO US), this might have been the best.  Let's call it a tie.  Monsters was just a few weeks ago, so it's fresh in my mind, but this show was AMAZING.  They were so perfect together.  And again, small venue, plus we had AMAZING seats.  Thanks again for going with me Krista!!

Let's do Most Disappointing Moment at Letters Live Two Thousand Fifteen. That would be the fact that I got tickets for Friday and Loki showed up to read on Saturday.  Whomp whomp.
Runner up would be how short Benedict Cumberbatch is. I was expecting him to be REALLY properly tall.  In fact, I didn't even realize it was him at first bc he's just regular tall!! Who knew? Not me.
Best part of the show would be Olivia Coleman, aka Ellie Miller, massively pregnant and reading a letter from a fan girl to the president about Elvis in the army.  "If you cut his sideburns off, we will just die." (1:01 in the clip) I also almost fainted when Anna Bates showed up.  And I learned who Tom Odell is (he's playing the piano in the background on that clip) and he's amazing.  Letters Live is so cool. Although, I have to say it, 2014 was massively better, and they read a LOT of the same letters.  I think I might have to sit 2016 out :(


Best Holiday of Two Thousand Fifteen is a no-brainer: Cornwall with Megan and her kiddos last spring.
It was so unbearably gorgeous there, plus Megan so duh FUN. Truly an enchanting experience, Cornwall is by far one of the most spellbinding places I've ever been.

Runners up would be Greece in August and Germany for Christmas.  We didn't do much traveling this year bc we ran out of money, but we did make it to Sherwood Forest for winter half term, lots of local trips with friends in April and October, plus my parents and Gramma Jane, and we learned how to go camping.  So while not as exciting as the previous two years travel, I think this was a pretty rad way to spend our last full calendar year in the United Kingdom.

So what's in store for 2016? Who knows.  We will most likely (cough, DEFINITELY) have to leave my beloved London Adjacent in July.  Whomp whomp.  There's a chance (I'll call it fifty fifty) that we're going to some place near Sunnyvale California, but I just KNOW at the last minute they'll send us back to the armpit of the United States Navy, good ole Norfolk, Virginia.  Gag me. Nick, on the other hand, is ninety eight percent sure we'll end up in the Bay Area.  Always the optimist.
Either way, we'll be able to (hopefully) spend a few weeks in Biloxi and Stuart in July (the hottest part of the year, in the hottest parts of the country? Are we morons?) before settling either on the east or west coast and starting a new life, once again. Which I know a lot of people are terrified by, but we love it. I can't wait.  As much as I hate to leave Northwood, I really do enjoy moving, plus Megan and Samantha are already gone so...

Here's to 2016.


  1. I hope you share some Germany photos. I love 'traveling' with you via your pictures! Even when you move back to the US I hope you still do a lot of traveling so I can go with you!

    1. We certainly plan on it, assuming the money doesn't run out ;)