Monday, February 8, 2016

Having Coffee

If we were having coffee this morning, I'd tell you about my plan to bring backpacks back. It's not so much a plan as me sitting around wishing backpacks were cool, but whatevs. 

I don't mean cute stylish leather 'backpacks' a la Kelly Moore. I mean like a jansport. Preferably one with that strap that goes around your waist to help keep your shoulders from hurting.

Yesterday we went downtown and now that the kids are older, I seriously have like a one one hundredth of the shit I used to have. No diapers or wipes or changes of clothes or bottles and formula or any of that nonsense praise the Lord hallelujah forever and ever amen babies are the worst. But. I still had a teddy bear, my book and my sock knitting bag, Ava's book, various papers they colored along the way, a plastic cup full of Lego, Chapstick and mascara, my wallet and phone, a pair of tights and a scarf and a hoodie for Daisy plus my own cardi and a few snacks and a pocket pack of unbranded Kleenex and half a bag of cough drops. All in my purse and draped over my arms. Pulling on my neck. Keeping me basically handcuffed.

Imagine if I'd had my old jansport!!! I coulda brought even more stuff!! And the papers wouldn't get smushed at the bottom!! I'd be The Mom Who's Always Got it Together and Has a Spare of Anything You Could Possibly Want Plus Her Hands Are Always Free!!

It would be so cool!! And I'm not talking about like for trips or special days like going to the county fair or something.  I'm talking about all day every day.  Like, the backpack would actually be my purse.

But I don't want to look ridiculous. I don't want to be The Overweight Woman Wearing a Stupid Backpack With That Hip Strap Cutting Into Her Muffin Top. Or The Mom Who Doesn't Even Realize Backpacks Are For Twelve Year Olds, Bless Her Heart.

I wish I were a celebrity. Then I'd stand a chance at bringing backpacks back.

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  1. I feel the same about those old-lady-pull-along-shopper-trolley-things. If only someone like Jennifer Lawrence would start stepping out with one of those.