Saturday, February 13, 2016

Show Off Saturday

I'm having a terrible time getting my blogging mojo going, so let's just dive right in with some recent finishes.

My second sweater was the Campside Cardi by Alicial Plummer.  I'd bought the pattern and ordered the yarn for this even before I finished my first sweater and it took me a little over three months to get off the needles and I love it.

I used Drops Belle in Beige (9) and I liked it.  I'm not experienced enough to feel like it's awkward to handle cotton yarn or anything, and I love that it doesn't make me itchy.  You know how I have skin issues. I made the 39 and ordered (I think) thirteen skeins and I have two full skeins left that I didn't even open.

I've been wearing it nonstop since I made it.  It's not incredibly warm (bc it's cotton and linen...) and the back neck part is annoying bc it droops down too far, but I don't know what to do next time around to stop that from happening. The sleeves could be a tad longer, but the length is perfect in the body to cover my butt when I'm wearing yoga pants.  Winning.

My next finish was my hexies quilt.

I want to link to a tutorial, but I really sort of just winged this one.  I scoured pinterest for ideas but the tutorials I found didn't really explain it very well and I'm still quite confused.  I wanted bigger hexies but I only have a 60 triangle ruler and when I tried to make them taller or something, they were really awkward.  So I ended up tearing my strips three inches tall then cutting the half hexies from that, then placing them together like so.
This quilt was out to get me from the start.  Took me forever to lay them out, I got SO confused chain piecing the rows, the rows didn't line up properly when I joined them, and the finished top was a hot puckery mess.

Naturally, quilting it didn't solve all those problems.  However when it was DONE, I actually gasped in pleasure.  Like no lie GASPED.  The lines on the back make triangle pizza pieces and it's just GORGEOUS.  I love it.

I love it.  But it was still a beast to make I won't be sad when someone (finally) buys it and I can get it out of my house and (hopefully) my head. I used the Leah Duncan for Art Gallery Morning Walk collection that I got ages ago from Pile O' Fabric with coordinating Kona solids, but she's been super sick with her pregnancy and doesn't have many bundles left anymore. For the back I used my favorite Minky Cuddle 3 in Sunshine. Binding was strips leftover from the bundle of Morning Walk

I've also been a bag making machine over here, mostly bc I was trying out new ways to put in the zippers.

I mostly stick with Noodlehead's tutorial.  It's written for the wide open versions, but it works for regular ones too, which I prefer slightly.  I just can't seem to get the left side zipper as neat and tidy as I want it, and I'm sick of trying to figure it out.

Fabrics are mostly what I had laying around, plus a few fun purchases of this gorgeous teal geometric print and this Mountain Man green (made that name up) that doesn't photograph well but is actually REALLY cool looking. Ohhh, and I just saw it comes in a teal version too that I want.  Great. The fabulous leaves are another Art Gallery print (apparently I'm very hip and trendy with all my Art Gallery) and I've got a lot of that left for a few more. Zippers are all from Zipit on etsy and I cannot recommend her enough, she's perfect. You can't see my labels in any of those pics, but I also want to give a shout out for Bonnie at One Eyed Bee. She's so amazing with customer service and proofing my design and making sure it will work (I'm still not very computer savvy.  At all.) and the labels are perfect, no fading, easy to work with.  Plus, tons of options.  Can't recommend enough.

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  1. Great finishes! The hexie quilt was hard for you, but you got it done and yes I love the quilting too. The sweater! Awesome. I've never managed anything bigger than a washcloth so I'm impressed. The results are lovely.Your bags are cute! You are the bag queen!

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