Monday, February 29, 2016

What I'm Into (February 2016)

Still not got my blogging mojo back, so lists and linkups are basically all I can manage.  Let's jump in with what I've been into this month/

The last books I've been reading were Grave Mercy (liked), Girl With all the Gifts (loved), Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore (LOVE LOVE LOVED), In a Dark Dark Wood (really liked)
 (really liked ), Dream Thieves (liked) and Gone Tomorrow (heart eyes emoji Jack Reacher 4Eva- added bonus, this was a first person narrative, my fave for him.)

In my basket: Don't Look Back (called I'd Know You Anywehre in America, I think?) Blue Lily, Lily Blue, and Dark Triumph.  I'm reading The Quick right now and finally got to the part where I just CANNOT put it down.

I have (always) been watching way too much tv and movies. We rented Bridge of Spies. I will love Tom Hanks forever and ever amen.  That is all.  Five stars.

I watched Whiplash and I don't get it.  The guy was a horrible asshole and then Miles Teller...likes him? It was all worth it in the end? What? I sure do love drums though. And Miles Teller.  And JK Simmons.

Watched Focus one night when Nick was out- So good.  I love these kinds of movies.  Makes me think I should watch Ocean's Eleven? Margot Robbie is so gorgeous, I hope she doesn't ruin Suicide Squad for me.  Plus, Major Dad was in this!! Highly recommend.

How I Live Now- I also love movies like this.  It was no These Final Hours, but it was still VERY good.

Laggies got horrible reviews, but I thought it was tolerable.  I love Sam Rockwell. I mean, this isn't life changing cinema by any means, but it was a good way to pass the time while knitting one evening.

As far as telly, Nick and I binged The Tunnel and we both LOVED it.  I guess they're doing a second season? That's silly.  I was completely satisfied with the way it ended.

I've been watching The 100 while I sew upstairs and I LOVE it.  Apparently cheesy WB shows are my jam.  Where else do you get a world decimated by a nuclear holocaust, teenage love triangles, evil adults making vampires and harvesting children for blood and bone marrow, plus Desmond from Lost? I should really just go thru Netflix and find all the WB shows and watch them in succession.

I also binged Mr Robot and loved that. I think. I wasn't surprised by the 'twist' but I don't think we were supposed to be surprised? Who knows.  What I do know is that Tyrell Wellick is seriously one of the CREEPIEST characters ever.  He was right up there with Paul Spector for me, and you KNOW how I feel about Paul Spector.

I got a fitbit for Christmas so I go for a walk every day before I pick up the kids from school.  It takes me about thirty minutes to get around the block I walk, so I've been listening to podcasts. I've been thru all of Mystery Show and cannot explain the draw of that show.  It's so stupid, but so...poignant.  Does that make sense? When she's talking to the Ticketmaster guy about her Brittany tickets and he's like on the verge of tears? I was crying actual tears.  I do wish her name wasn't Starly though. Starlee? Either way, not a real name.

I also listen to Serial (duh), the Stuff You Should Know ones that I think might be interesting (blood types and caffeine- yes: the pyramids, not so much) and I just started some of the Mortified episodes and they are SO HILARIOUS.  Makes me wish I had some old journals to go thru.  IN PRIVATE.

I've been making so many quilts.

Not gonna lie, I'm a little bummed that I have YET to sell one!! I've gotten two custom orders recently, which is FABULOUS, but I want someone to want the ones I've already made!!! I love them and they're so rad, but there's only so many quilts you can have on your own couch.

Since I have completed two sweaters, I am obviously the greatest knitter ever born, so I've ordered yarn for two lighter weight projects I hope I can wear in California, the Summer's Lease by Laura Patterson and the East End by Alicia Plummer. My other sweaters were both Alicia Plummer so I'm a little nervous about reading a pattern by someone else, but I couldn't resist that lacy top part.  Although I wish it went all the way to the bottom of my boobs like an empire waist.  Too bad I actually know nothing about knitting and can't modify anything.

Anyway, still can't afford the designer yarns, so I ordered this DK in grey for the Summer's Lease and this fingering linen blend in a super pale celery for the East End.  I'm SO excited to get that package next week!!!

But first I need to finish my Wild Goose Shawlette, which I am LOVING.

Well, loving for the most part.  Last night I did my first of the eyelet rows and it took me FIFTY MINUTES.  And there are eleven total, plus each row gets longer and this could get tedious REAL quick.  But right now, I am still in love. I'm using this I Knit or Dye yarn I got in the city forever ago and planned to make socks with, but I think I'm all socked out, so I searched for a pattern that used just one skein of sock yarn and I *think* I can just squeak by with it.  We shall see.

What have ya'll been into this month?


  1. Your quilts are beautiful! :) And I loved Dream Thieves and In A Dark, Dark Wood. And Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore looks really good! Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. It is REALLY good. One of the last parts of the book (Penumbra) talks about reading the right book at the right time and that just REALLY hit home for me. And thanks for the compliment about my quilts!!

  2. Mr Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore was SO good! I loved every part of it and read it in a day because I wanted to know the ending. All those googly-mooglies. Reminds me of my trips to San Fran (my boyfriends condo is above one of the Google offices). I just finished the Mystery Show podcast. Amazingly awesome. I've been listening to the Mortified podcasts today.

    1. Mortified is sort of hit or miss with me, some of them I die laughing and some of them I quit halfway thru. Oh my word, did you listen to how to be a boy band fan girl? I LOVED it. There's one where she's writing Hanson fan fiction. I die.

  3. Jeezaloo! You've been productive! I was wondering how Focus is, maybe I'll get the hubs to watch it with me tonight for our Friday night movie. I've heard The Robot is good so I'll put that on the list to watch. I have my favorite shows I tape and watch by myself because the hubs isn't into them, and he has his. But I like to find ones we can watch together and I think The Robot could be one. Right now we're watching Downton Abbey and Better Call Saul. I hate waiting a week for the next episode though and Downton Abbey is almost done. Love your quilts. I'd buy one if I were closer.

    1. I can't get my husband to watch Better Call Saul. He like LOVED BB so much, he doesn't want to risk anything tainting that for him like EVER. #weirdo