Monday, March 14, 2016

Currently (The -ing Post)

Weeping with joy that I'm finally finished with this quilt.  Eighty four by ninety two, straight line quilting every two inches in an organic crosshatch pattern.  The quilting itself took me three hours or more a day, for five straight days, although this probably has more to do with my inexperience as a sewist and my knack for getting easily distracted by the television, but still.  My back and shoulders ACHE. I always say that I'll never ever do another big quilt...but it's just so gorgeous!!! How could I possibly resist?!?!

Loving all this sunshine lately, but wishing maybe it would warm up just a smidge on the sunny days? I laid out yesterday afternoon while Nick and the kids played soccer, but I was wearing a sweater and leggings and a scarf. And I had a quilt on top of me.  BUT I was wearing sunglasses!!!

Freaking out about the move.  For reals.  Do I do this every time? Probably. I'll have to go back and look. We'll get to California (hopefully California, please not Norfolk, please please PLEASE) at the very beginning of August, but then Nick will be gone for three months for schools and the like.  I'm nervous about finding a house, starting new schools for the kids, all that jazz, but mostly, I'm panicking about the move itself.  My craft room ya''s not good.  I'm like a goldfish that grew to fit the giant bowl it lived in. And I grew even OUTSIDE the room, and took over most of the living room as well.  And the laundry room. But we basically live in a mansion here, there's NO WAY I'll ever have another room this big for all my shit.  So what do I do with it all?!?! Deep breaths.  Surely I can think of something.  Right?!?!

Finally reading Blue Lily, Lily Blue.  I got it ages ago at the library but I've been putting it off to read a few others.  Delayed gratification and all that.  I'm quite proud of myself, and quite excited to get started.  Although I'm sixteen pages in and already all sorts of confused.  There's definitely something to these books that I'm just not getting.

Hating apple music a little less.  I still prefer spotify, but I think I'm learning my way around.  It's definitely easier for me to use on the actual computer, instead of my phone.  I don't know how to link to it, but in the 'for you' section a few weeks ago, I found a playlist called Non Traditional Power Ballads and it is GOOD. Total Eclipse of the Heart, Never Tear Us Apart, Far Behind, Linger, Fake Plastic Trees, and the song from Free Willy are just a FEW of the gems. Right now I've got an Intro to the Who playlist and it's fabulous bc while I know every single word (and beat) of Tommy by heart...the only other Who songs I know are the ones from CSI. So that's a little embarrassing. Lol, the one from CSI Miami just came on as I was typing that, literally!!
Wondering why that picture is so awful. Probably bc I seem to be going backwards with technology.  Like, every day, I know LESS and less about how to use a computer. I'm so old.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I don't envy you moving. We just did it and got rid of tons of shit. But craft stuff is hard to part with because you never know when you might need that blue Rick-rac, or whatever. I use my iTunes all the time and love it. Deep breaths and one box at a time...