Monday, May 9, 2016


Obsessing over Haven. How did I miss this when it was on?!?! It's got EVERYTHING I love: it's cheesey and implausible, it's supernatural, it's romantic,y the two men would actually make me pause to try to figure out who I wanted (Team Nathan, sorry Duke!!! You were a SUPERCLOSE second!!!)- I just love it. LOVE. I was reading some reviews of the Colorado Kid though and apparently it's NOTHING like the show? That's okay though, I'll read it anyway. But not right now bc I have twenty four hours of Haven goodness left. 

Freaking out a tad about the move. We obviously want to see our families on the way from here to CA, and since we're laying over in Atlanta anyway, it's a great time to do it. The Navy (obviously) pays for our flight from here to CA, but they're less interested in paying for us to galavant around the southern states. We figured out it was going to be about five grand, plus renting a van in Stuart bc we want to go to Disney (!!!) so...we're going to drive it. 

I actually don't mind ANY of this drive...except the final leg from Biloxi back to Atlanta to catch the flight to San Jose.  Why does this one bother me and not the others? Bc Nick doesn't ever let me drive, so all those other hours will be filled with Pinteresting on my phone, texting Angela and Holly, knitting, and sleeping. That last leg? He'll be gone so I'm stuck driving it.  LAME.

But. It's got to be done, so do it I shall.  And to soothe my anxious nerves until then...there's always a Haven marathon ;)

Listening to the All Killa No Filla Podcast.
 What? Comedians talking about serial killers? YES PLEASE.

And while, for the most part, I'm still sore about switching to Apple Musci (spotify will hold my heart FOREVER) lately they've nailed it with my curated Life in the Fast Lane radio station. Lots of embarrassingly rad jams for me to rock out to when no one can see.  Plus some Poco that even I am too embarrassed to claim. 

Reading The Niceville trilogy, which I am LOVING. The first one was so-so, but left me CRAVING the rest of the story, and luckily I'd grabbed the second one at the same time, so I got to dive right in and MAN is Homecoming GOOOOOOD.

Yall know how I feel about libraries. 
I hate to pay money for books, but occasionally I do. Our library doesn't get some titles (I'm assuming it has to do with the way books are published in different countries?) so I do occasionally have to buy them on Amazon.  Sigh. Luckily I have enough other books at the library (um, infinity books. That's how many) so I can wait for the books I want to go on sale for a dollar. 


While we're traveling, I can probably get my mom to check me out a few books, but other than that, I'm going to be stuck with my kindle and, after I finish the dollar books I've already bought, I'll be paying full price for the books set to release shortly.  

Oh, you need a list of what I'm looking forward to? NO PROBLEMO. Making lists of books is sort of my jam.

I'm currently waiting for Morning Star (the first book I'll be willing to pay full price for bc I cannot WAIT, although I've already checked and they have it at the library in Mountain View, so I might actually be able to wait, I really do love libraries...) and Raven King to go on sale, along with Where They Found Her. Oh and Mortal Heart, the final of the Fair Assassins books. The library has the first two, why don't they have the third?!?!

Releases I'm looking forward to: the final in the Passage trilogy, City of Mirrors (May 24), the third (final?) of SK's Mercedes Killer books, End of Watch (June 7), the fourth Gentleman Bastards book, Thorn of Emberlain (July 21??), Last Star, the third 5th Wave book (May 24)

And, just to round out this ridiculous list, the books I waited patiently for, got for a dollar (sometimes a dollar ninety nine) and haven't read yet bc I've been saving them for the travel, plus infinity books at the library.  Duh. Grace Keepers, Invasion of the Tearling, Trigger Warning, Red Queen, Descent, Dragon Factory, and The Cove.

Wow. That's a lot. Maybe I won't be buying those new releases at full price!! I have plenty to keep me busy until I get that Mountain View library card.  My life is the BEST. I'll probably splurge for The Reckoning though bc I'll need to know what happens! 

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  1. Its sad that I stalk your blog to get my reading list for the summer. - Natoya