Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Finish It Up: Washi Dresses

Yes, dressES, plural.

I can't stop.

I actually wore my first one WHILE I was making my second one. THE PATTERN HAS POCKETS BUILT RIGHT INTO IT.


I also have an opinion about pockets, Leslie, and it is this: things without pockets are stupid and I'm going to throw them all away.

In my very short (thus far) garment sewing adventures, I've made three things, and all three of them went into the bin almost as soon as I was finished.  They didn't fit and they looked AWFUL. Homemade.  Perhaps by a child? A blind child? With limited feeling in her fingertips?

They were BAD.

But the washi dress?!?! OHHHHHHH, the washi dress.

I am in two sewing 'groups' on Ravelery and I'm pretty sure the moderators are going to remove me for not shutting up about the pattern.  Seriously.

It's from the (I assume) fantastic Made By Rae.  I always love a fellow Rae, even if her mama forgot the Y. I assume she's fantastic bc this pattern is so brilliant, but I haven't actually made any of the other ones. BUT I WILL BE.

I bought the dress and the expansion pack, but only for the sleeves. I can't see myself with a giant bow, know what I mean? I'm just not a BOW GIRL. Presumably, if I knew what I was doing, I could have just added the sleeves myself. But I don't, so expansion pack it was.

My first one fit right off the machine PERFECTLY.  The only complaint I ever read about this dress is that it seems like maternity clothes and makes some women look pregnant.  Well. I love maternity clothes and I look pregnant no matter what, so it was win win for me.  Seriously.  I don't know enough about style to know if these empire waists actually look GOOD on me, but they are my absolute FAVORITE.

I made it out of this Timeless Treasures grey crosshatch quilting cotton, which apparently is a no-no in garment sewing? But I love it.  It's drapey enough for me and honestly I can't figure out why we're not supposed to use it. Does anyone want to share the secret? Anyway. It's sold out right now, but when I got it, it was only 4.88 a yard!!! I got three and a half yards, and didn't need that much.  And since it's regular ole quilting cotton, it's made it's way to bagland as linings and contrast bottoms.  PERFECT.

I adjusted my skirt pattern to be 24 inches and once it's sewed in and hemmed and washed and dried, it's actually 22 inches.  Perfect for me.  And my sleeves are 12 inches on the paper pattern, about 10.5 sewn up. I like to cover the batwings.

I used this video to help with the elastic shirring (I'd call this smocking, is that weird? Where did I pick up this word?) but the directions in the pattern are pretty perfect. I just happen to really like video tutorials. And apparently Brothers are weird for this? I will say that my tension has been a tad finicky ever since I started this, but it was totally worth it.  If it keeps up after the move, I'm just going to buy another bobbin casing and have one for regular and one for shirring.  BECAUSE I LOVE THIS DRESS THAT MUCH YA'LL.

There is literally not a single thing I don't like about this dress.

For my second one, the one I made while wearing the first one, I used this gorgeous chambray from Robert Kaufman.  Apparently it has some stretch? Does that mean it's jersey? Or a knit? I don't know what any of these words mean. I do know that it's the most perfect fabric EVER INVENTED and I love it to death and I can't wait to order more.  It's light and drapey and perfect perfect PERFECT.

This version is my favorite. I knew what I was doing, so it went a little faster, although honestly the first one went plenty fast. Why am I making that face? No idea.

Now. I'd ordered that perfect chambray to try to make a mock wrap dress from the Sew Many Dresses book. BUT, the three things I'd made before and had to bin were from that book. So since I knew how to do this one and I knew it would fit and I was ready to sew RIGHT THIS MINUTE I hurried up and ordered MORE fabric for that mock wrap dress and got to work on Washi Two.  Then I made a muslin for the wrap dress and it was just AWFUL.  I am obviously doing something WRONG with that book. So I didn't really have a choice- I had to make a third washi.

While I love it, it is my least favorite of the three.  I tried to make it v neck, but I don't really know how to do that.  Suggestions? I also need a different type of interfacing than what I'm using. This one is made from this double gauze, which I just didn't like. I like the way it looks (except I wish it was longer?) but I hated sewing with it. 

So there you go. On one hand, I feel like I should branch out and try new things. On the other hand, I love these so much and they fit so perfectly, I can't help but think I should just make these FOREVER.  The idea of wearing the same thing day in and day out doesn't bother me in the slightest.  

But, in case I ever DO want to try something different (different is BAD) I've earmarked this popover tunic from Hey June.  But I don't know how to put in a button.  And they packed up my sewing machine.

People also RAVE about the Anna dress from By Hand London (short and made from casual fabrics, not the evening dress with the split in the side all the way to her hipbone) but I'm nervous that that pretend sleeve won't cover the aforementioned batwings. Plus I don't know how to put in a zipper.  Or put pockets on something that isn't written for pockets.  And I'm not wearing a dress without pockets again EVER. 

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  1. I love the second dress you made; it's a gorgeous colour on you!