Friday, June 10, 2016

Finish It Up: Two Summer Sweaters!!! (Plus Various Other Knitting Nonsense)

For my third sweater, I wanted something short sleeved.  I wanted this Waterlily, but I was too scared to make a fingering weight garment (until the NEXT time) so I went with Summer's Lease, which looked the same, but in DK instead. 

 I did not enjoy this project.  It knit up fast, stockinette in the round, seed stitch hem, from the bottom up, and the chart was very well drawn, and the instructions were all right, but there is some sort of mistake in there, I don't care what that designer says.  I did the math a dozen times, I tore it back FOUR TIMES, it doesn't add up.  It's wrong.

But while I didn't enjoy making it and I definitely will NOT make another one, I really LOVE the finished product.  The yarn is delicious, the lace panel is gorgeous, the length is perfect- it's fabulous.

I used Knit Pick CotLin in the Gosling colorway, which is a 70/30 cotton/linen blend.  It's squishy and soft and perfect and probably my favorite yarn.  I used my trusty Addi interchangeables, cast on with the 8s and knit it up in the 6s.  I love those needles.

Jaclyn Salem is my FAVORITE knitting podcaster.  I have a handful that I watch (Grocery Girls and Inside Number 23 tie for second place) but other than those three...some of them are a bit pretentious for my taste.  We get it, you're creative makers and hipsters and too cool for school, you don't need to keep cramming it down our throats.

ANYWAY.  I did her sock knit along a few months ago (and won a prize!!! Random number generated, not like because I'm such a badass knitter.  Obvi.) and this time around she was doing a Summer Make Along, anything you could link to summer in any way counted. And since we're about to have our first proper summer in three years, sign me up!

This East End teeshirt type sweater was the very first pattern I bought.  When Angela sent me some needles and a ball of yarn for Christmas two years ago.  I bought it before I actually learned how to knit and waaaaaaay before I realized how much work went into a sweater.  Let along a fingering weight sweater.

Although I guess the pattern itself calls for sport, which is slightly thicker than fingering. But I used fingering.  And didn't swatch. Because I'm a rebel and swatching is for sissies.

Or, you know, for people who want garments that fit properly.

But I lucked out and this fit.  This is my third Alicia Plummer sweater (see my Polished and Campside Cardi), plus I've made like five hats and scarves from her, and I love love LOVE her.  She's not as trendy and cutting edge as the designers the pretentious podcasters are always raving about, but her garments are gorgeous and her patterns are well written and thought out and so far I've never come across a mistake.  AND she's got everything on sale, fifty percent off!!! Get it while the getting is good.  I just bought Salted and Briquette.  Even though I literally have four of her other sweaters that I already bought and haven't made.  I can't resist a good sale!!

Anyway.  This knit up SUPER fast.  The beginning sucked bc it's stockinette and not in the round until you're done with the V, which means you knit a row then purl AN ENTIRE ROW and no one likes to purl.  But after that it was smooth sailing.  I love the 'darts' shaping in the back, I love the seed stitch hems, I love it all.  Picking up the neck and adding the seed stitch border there was optional, but I think it makes a HUGE difference and I wouldn't make it (or wear it, if we're honest) without that. It was just too unfinished.
I used Knit Picks (of course) Lindy Chain in the Celery colorway, which is a 70/30 linen/cotton blend.  I like it well enough, but it's obviously not as scrumptious as the CotLin. (The CotLin is the 70 cotton) And my Addis again for the needles.

I just LOVE the way it fits.  LOVE.  It's the perfect length and the perfect fit through my sizeable belly and it's just perfect. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. Although I'm not sure what the hell I was thinking with how colorful it is.  It's the brightest thing I own.


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